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  1. Best place to fish for bass is in the water. Lol tubes, drop shot. Look at the shoals you will find them!
  2. She'll 91 v power is ethenal free and run a fuel stabilizer in it. He is my logic better to spend a little more now to keep engine running like a top then spend thousands later fixing or replacing. As for your motor man getting stranded out on the lake is not fun especially if your out near dark and you can't get back. If I were you get it checked by a specialist so you have no worries and after that do your regular maintanance.
  3. Ice boom broke away this morning. 87 MPH winds isn't a joke.
  4. It's was blahhh. Got fish but not many. We also got out late!
  5. Thanks gunner. But I decided to go to lower nigagar tomorrow!
  6. Here walleye are March 15th. Thanks if the upper grand is good that should be good for lower grand.
  7. Hey guy just would like to know how water looks in dunnville color and water level. I'd like to try for some eyes and steel if the water isn't Mudd. Any info would be appreciated thanks! !
  8. Hey we here at NFN are all about equality, if fish lives matter wants to be gengerfied as a troll we should honour his wishes and call him a troll. Who are we to call him a decent member of NFN. Are we that small minded and ignorant in this day and age not to call someone what they think they are, no sir not me. (Besides I don't wanna get sued) these people are Fu#!ed up!!
  9. My season starts way sooner lol. Grab yourself a NY licence and enjoy trophy season!
  10. Fish them unter a float with single eggs
  11. If I were you I would buy a wallmart special and take with you, then leave it to a kid you see on the beach before you leave it's expensive over there for locals buy a rod and gear. That's what I did and they are very appreciative beyond words.
  12. Perhaps a first outing after this past warm up not be done with children in tow! I'd stay away for a few more days for it to harden back up!
  13. Usually the guy down river cast first and let it drift until you feel it's far enough also you can for sure cast over another's line as long as you don't touch his line keep your rod up and fish on. But use common sense and not every pinner is decent enough and can cast and retrieve well. See how they cast and how they fish then make a decision on where to drift and how to drift. Or just cast and don't give two $h!t $ lol.
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