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  1. hey bigugli are you saying that Fishing World and Grimsby Tackle have booths are the FT show? If so, I will be there this year! I find that Fishing world has the best overall prices all year every year. let me know when the show is so I can put it into my calendar. thanks
  2. hey guys I dont message much on the board, so forgive me...but I had to chime in on this one. I prefer the fishing and boat show myself. The sportsman show had a lot more fishing gear and retailers in years past, not anymore. The real reason why I wanted to chime in was I can't understand why the people of Niagara mainly fisherman and outdoors enthusiasts are not supporting the local Fishing and Boat show that has been in the falls the last 2 years at the Scotiabank Centre?? We have the opportunity to have the best of what is at the Toronto Show IF we get out there and support it. It is only the second year it has come to our own backyard and already people are choosing not to show up. Guys are already bitching there aren't enough vendors there to make it worth their while…WHY WOULD THEY COME IF WE DONT GET OUT THERE BOYS?? Thats my rant. nothing more and of course nothing personal…just my 2 cents. I guess I just see a possibility to drive 5 minutes down the road versus 1.25hrs up to the GTA and spend my time and $$ here, not there.
  3. Hi everyone My family along with 2 other families want to start going up north every summer and rent cottages on a lake in Ontario. My one buddy use to go to a place in Bobcaygeon. I am not familiar with that area and my idea of a cottage is different then what I am looking for for this summer. For the family we are looking for obviously somewhere that is family friendly. A spot that has a beach for the kids to wade out and swim, fishing OBVIOUSLY, multiple cottages that sleep families of 4 and 5. Anyway, I thought I would post this and see if any of you go somewhere each year or use to go somewhere that has great fishing, a beach and can accommodate families of 4 and 5 in their cottages. It cannot be like 5 and 6 hrs away. closer would be better. the moms are organizing this and some of the prices I am hearing are ridiculous which is why I am posting this. If you have any information that fits my description above, please PM me. k? Thanks guys. tight lines eh. Later Lushis P.S. I can't WAIT FOR THE HARD WATER!!!!!
  4. Jigging spoons are our "go to" bait on the lower and on Erie for both numbers and quality fish. One is tied on at all times when we are on the boat!!! Our favorite is a Hopkins smoothie 3/4oz but we go as high as 1 1/2oz depending on the drift speed. The smallies and pickerel LOVE THEM! Our largest eye on the lower is 7lbs even caught at 11am, and our largest smallie on Erie was 6lbs even caught at like 2pm. Both days were high pressure sunny days. Jiggin spoons people....try them!
  5. judging by the size of your hand in the picture, I'm gonna guess like 2.25lbs.
  6. some serious tats boys. Very cool. while we are on the topic, can anyone who has got a tattoo recently please PM me with where you went and what your experience was like? Niagara only please. The last tattoo I got was over 20 years ago and I have convinced the wife to get one with me...but I have no idea where to go. thanks boys. Later Lushis
  7. LMAO. Even lulu can't make that look good! I'm crying over here laughing so hard. LMAO
  8. Hi everyone I am getting into this post late, but still wanted to post my 2 cents. I personally knew about BP coming almost 2 years ago. For those of you that think BP stands for evil, well then I think the devil is the one with all the cash because the developer BP is in bed with for all their locations has already "donated" the 9 mil it will cost to change the infrastructure to that area of taylor road to allow for the volume this mall will generate. score 1 for the devil. The mall is going to be an outdoor mall designed like the outlet mall here in the falls versus a centre like the Pen that you stay inside the whole time. The type of stores will be very similar to the Vaughn Mills mall stores. BP is the main tenant and the star of the show though. Actually I just heard that lululemon is also onboard which all of your wives and girlfriends will have to thank...yes you guess ed....the devil for getting them here. score 2 for the devil. Finally, the thought that you would shop at all the local shops over BP is your right and your perogative. BUT, if any of your are telling me you would gladly spend $250 on an item you could buy at BP for $200 and be happy about it, then maybe you guys are the "out of towner" and not from Niagara because I thought in Niagara we were suppose to VALUE a dollar more so then T.O. because we are the blue collar community? Bad or good, if your gonna check it out or avoid it like the plague, the reality is it is coming and I (personally) am excited about it. Peters, grimsby and fishing world, I frequent them often and for a long long time now, but to think I would have to drive less then 10 minutes to get more selection, more stock ON SITE and more variety or product for the same OR possibly better prices on your overall purchase at BP....then sign me up! But hey, that's me. You all can do what you want. Hell, I keep joking with my wife about getting a part time job there. LOL Not for the low paying job, but to be able to get the discount on tackle and talk fishing ALL DAY LONG!
  9. Hey guys, great topic! I have been using three way rigs every year for almost 30 years now. The issues you brought up happens, sometimes a lot and other times not so much. In the past couple of years if this happens once I try to mess around with my weight and normally I find if I have the weight right, the hook like almost never gets caught up with my rig. Next time your out there....give it a go! Later Lushis
  10. Hi everyone I thought I would share some information about a new product that I think is very cool. If any of you have an auger ( manual or power ) you know most times the covers that come with the unit are ok but the mechanism that holds it in place can be a pain. Not only is it difficult to put it on with your gloves, but it tends to break off in the cold winter or comes off during transport out on the ice. I lost the cover on my jiffy auger years ago and lost the replacement one I paid for because of that strap! Your blades need to be covered and protected to keep them sharp and ensure you or someone else does not get hurt. A month ago, I was looking for another new cover when I came across Cold Snap Outdoors. A US company that makes a cover that clicks and or connects onto your auger without using a strap or your hands! You just line it up and click on or off! Very, very cool product. They make a cover specifically for whichever brand or model auger you have so it fits perfect. I purchased mine 3-4 weeks ago and had it out on Simcoe twice this year without an issue. No slipping off while traveling on the sled, no issues putting it on and off while out there fishing and finally transporting my auger in the back of my truck means no accidental cuts in my Fish Clam cover due to unportected blades. LOVE IT! If you wanna know more check them out at coldsnapoutdoors.com. They have a cool video featuring the product and how it works. Later Lushis
  11. Justasnag. THanks bro! I will.
  12. what miller said. Althought when we got into 11FOW the ice was only 3 MAX 3.5", but it was almost all black ice and looked way stronger then the crappy ice in 5FOW. Crazy having that ferry running like a football field and a bit away from us. I could see like one of 2 vehicles being brought over at a time. What a waste of diesel.
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