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  1. I wasnt fishing in the channel at port ...i was casting from both piers out into the lake...too much current in the channel..im thinkin the salmon are just about finshed heading into port from the lake so closer up by the dam will be the place to try now.....bottom bouncing with roe bags or casting lures...browns will be in soon enough too
  2. Good luck tyler ...if using spoons reel them steady retrieve as slow as you can without snaggin up
  3. Chucking spoons in port tuesday and wednesday night got 1 each night
  4. Had another decent evening casting spoons at port last night landing 2 nice females and my daughter landed her first salmon also getting a big male.
  5. Salmon was caught on glow spoons from peters tackle
  6. Went down to port dalhousie last night for a couple hours and managed to land two feisty males around 18 and 20 lbs ..had another on for 5 seconds and hook popped ...the wind kicked up and wasnt to nice to fish in..
  7. Its tough when we have limited marine services in our area ...heard both good and really bad things about hartzel marine mostly over charging for parts and extra hours installing but if your stuck it is what it is unfortunately...
  8. Hashtag loser! ....period!hero!
  9. Theres a public launch just down from the dam..not sure if they charge for launching kayak there ....if u kmow where is u start trolling there and head east up to the river to marina and powells welding shop..try to keep in 12 to 14 ft of water ...about 100 ft back doin 1.5mph. With something that dives 5 to 10 ft u should catch....hooked into some big cats as well
  10. If heading down past fish masters theres vic powells on the right and small marina and restaurant ...if u concentrate in that area u should do well using cotton cordell big o's (chartruse)or other shallow diving cranks...can also try the 3or 4 inch paddle tail swim baits on 1/4 oz jigs tipped with a chunk of worm has also been working..good luck
  11. Congrats on the successful match tyler !
  12. Sad that your outta beer
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