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  1. Well after watching several deer both mornings and evenings and not seeing any of the bigger bucks i had on camera i decided id put some meat in the freezer with the next buck i saw...this guy came in following a doe to my apple pile...made a 27 yrd shot with my compound bow..
  2. My friend bought a puckboard from canadian tire.....i believe it was 2ft x 3ft and was 50 bucks..its polyethelene and 1/4 inch thick or so
  3. I used astro transmission in the falls..hes good been in business for years...and my buddy used precision in st catharines...we both had rebuilds that held up
  4. Nice first deer man congrats!....i hunted with a compound bow for my first three seasons and never shot a deer I remember i was about to give it up ...so many highs and lows along the way...then when i shot my buck of a life time with my compound bow 20 yrs later it was a goal accomplished and it was an even better feeling !
  5. Good job congrats! Ive struggled to get one in range🙄
  6. Ya ive been seeing a few myself ...shot a doe already with my compound bow and im hoping my daughter can get her doe this week so i can concentrate on hunting a buck soon.....last night i failed to knock a deer down with my shot gun ....i shot at a 4 pointer at about 85 yrds and went right under it ..followed up with a buckshot quickly as it was running away and another slug but he was already at 150 yrds...i got down to check for blood and by the time i reached where he was standing 2 shots rang off the neighbouring property right where he ran...yup another guy shot him..i found no blood..better luck next time i guess🙄
  7. Same thing happened to a roofer i know...believe it was in dunville also ...they were told maybe a couple guys from the reserve apparently .who knows....hope its found or replaced somehow thats unfortunate☹️
  8. I wasnt fishing in the channel at port ...i was casting from both piers out into the lake...too much current in the channel..im thinkin the salmon are just about finshed heading into port from the lake so closer up by the dam will be the place to try now.....bottom bouncing with roe bags or casting lures...browns will be in soon enough too
  9. Good luck tyler ...if using spoons reel them steady retrieve as slow as you can without snaggin up
  10. Chucking spoons in port tuesday and wednesday night got 1 each night
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