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  1. Merry Christmas to all and a safe healthy new hopefully better new year!
  2. Hey guys ...after i harvested my turkey last spring i saved the fan and beard with all intentions of making another mount ...well i ended up getting super busy with work and renovations at home so i never did it....now im finding that i really dont have space for it as i already have 6 or 7 ....if any one would like to have it for any reason at all and wants to pick it up its first come first serve...if its not gone by next weekend il just garbage it....pm me if interested...thanks!
  3. Here is a little input thats been good to me many times while bottom bouncing or even just still fishing on bottom in a rocky area....so when you guys use the three way rig method...instead of using a pencil weight tied on the short piece of line grab yourselves a bag or the larger split shots and take some pliers and with a half strength squeeze crimp on a couple or a few of those split shots ....most times those splitshots will slide right off with one good yank and you save your whole rig minus the split shots...saves retying a tonne of knots n time and gear and while the guy beside u is re
  4. Im not in the controlled hunt this year ....i usually go to goderich with a group of 6 but guys got too busy and we cancelled...in the past ive seen and actually shot a deer bedded down under cedars....i rarely see them up and walkimg aroind in a steady rain but if its a sprinkle it dont bother them and i believe its the barometric pressure that tells them when unstable weather is coming and to bed down but seeing that they are in rut they may still move...good luck guys! .... my bow season had been...$×÷+!...lost the only buck i shot after a bad shoulder hit and a 7 hour track job i lost bloo
  5. Man I'm so jealous...I was hunting in a group of 8 guys for about 13 years up past thunderbay...a few older fellas health declined and another guy moved away so my group depleted and the tag numbers dropped drastically and we never got an adult tag our last year we tried ( 4 yrs ago now) so I haven't made it back out unfortunately 🙄.. congrats guys on a successful hunt!
  6. Good luck to all the deer hunters on here..be safe and shoot straight and post some pics of your harvest...I will be working hard to get my 16 yr old daughter her first buck with her compound bow...she's picked one particular buck we have on camera she would like at shot at and here he is in velvet (only a 3 yr old )
  7. Anyone have an info on the hunting course ... whether it can be done online or if there's any classes available in the next few weeks or if it's on hoLd from covid ....any info or a contact that may be able to help me out would be great...my 16 yr old daughter wants to go for deer but I've been told they weren't doing it
  8. Try fireman's park in the falls or in Thorold there's a tonne of spots (beaver dams road) being most popular for kids....all along the Welland river or Lyons Creek there's safe spots for kids also ...great for bobber and worms to catch anything really
  9. Nice truck congrats man!
  10. Yes very sad story.... thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
  11. Unbelievable ...sorry u had to go through that ....geez I wouldn't think twice but to defend myself with a weapon ...u tell someone to back off and they keep coming it's game on🤬
  12. Great video ...thanks for posting
  13. Two boats crashed in canal Chris b
  14. They need cameras in these remote areas to actually catch idiots in the process and fine them heavily!
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