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  1. I use a 6'6 med light set up with 6lb mono for pannies and its fine for some largies and stuff also but a toothy critter will likely snap you off at some point
  2. I made the same observation mark about the weather and dirty water mark and we hit the nail right on the head ..i had three buddies out in separate areas trying and all three Boats managed a total of 11 perch for the mornin...lake needs time to settle and clear for a week now..more crappy weather today
  3. Some spots are just about to start up skunked twice last week and only had one bite that may have been a crappie...last year i started catching them april 8th
  4. Sorry to intrude ....are u speaking of sam ..the italian from geneva st .lords and ladies?
  5. I cannot tell you whether theres any truth behind this but a friend of a friend heard mid may when they gey the meters in .
  6. Im thinking its goats hair....my daughter ties streamers and we watched a video that a guy was using goat hair and it looked similiar to what you have gil
  7. Most times when i go to lake simcoe i prefer to use maggots over minnows....cheaper and miss less hits cause of smaller perch just grabbing the minnow by the head or tail whereever the hook isnt basically....if using a jig with small treble such as forage fry or swim minnow put a maggot on each hook ...on a single hook jig i use 2 maggots
  8. Same here...here...was thinking sunday sugarloaf in the a.m...any info would be great thanks
  9. I have this same issue with my enclosed work trailer...the reason is because at one point they decided to use pressure treated ply wood in between aluminum panels and it causes it to oxidize and it corrodes and eats through it....solved the problem of the wood rotting right out but caused another
  10. So far ive caught one walleye about 14 " ...a few crappies...pike ...perch and bass....ome day we had a small rainbow pass by the wholes.....its really hit or miss though ...never any numbers or size really in my experiences there but ive heard of guys doin good....being shallow and heavy fishing pressure its probably better before it gets pounded
  11. I think smerch hit the nail on the head why in the post above😣 sorry to be that guy but from all the trash ive picked up at various spots and other situations ive dealt with ..seen and heard of from these $×!+heads ....most spots and hot baits are kept on the D.L......one from t.o. 5 yrs ago left the buckhorn dam in handcuffs with his vehicles and gear taken on a flatbed when the mnr mysteriously showed up at 5am to check his trunk full of coolers full of 27 walleyes and 15 bass...all without a liscense and there was another guy and woman with him that left before that with a cooler also ....
  12. I dropped lines at about 830 and fished till 12...
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