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  1. Salmon was caught on glow spoons from peters tackle
  2. Went down to port dalhousie last night for a couple hours and managed to land two feisty males around 18 and 20 lbs ..had another on for 5 seconds and hook popped ...the wind kicked up and wasnt to nice to fish in..
  3. Its tough when we have limited marine services in our area ...heard both good and really bad things about hartzel marine mostly over charging for parts and extra hours installing but if your stuck it is what it is unfortunately...
  4. Hashtag loser! ....period!hero!
  5. Theres a public launch just down from the dam..not sure if they charge for launching kayak there ....if u kmow where is u start trolling there and head east up to the river to marina and powells welding shop..try to keep in 12 to 14 ft of water ...about 100 ft back doin 1.5mph. With something that dives 5 to 10 ft u should catch....hooked into some big cats as well
  6. If heading down past fish masters theres vic powells on the right and small marina and restaurant ...if u concentrate in that area u should do well using cotton cordell big o's (chartruse)or other shallow diving cranks...can also try the 3or 4 inch paddle tail swim baits on 1/4 oz jigs tipped with a chunk of worm has also been working..good luck
  7. Congrats on the successful match tyler !
  8. Sad that your outta beer
  9. Ya i find if possible to bring a specific hook or sinker or lure ..anything that your tryin to match up is easier than them bringing 5 different options to the door and none of them being what u want
  10. Congrats ...ive yet to even hear a gobble this season for about 8 times out🙄
  11. Im thinkin its just a darker common...but i dont fish carp often so i may be wrong.the pointy tail kinda throws me off though..looks a bit different than your average common
  12. I found 11 one day then the next day 4 but a couple small pike rolled in and it doo-doo down....went back a few days later skunked a couple times in a row and that was it for attempting crappies ....
  13. This is the one i use also but i had forgotten the name of it lol..thanks gill
  14. Lol ...i was down there when a guy freaked out on 4 guys from toronto last august during covid ....they were asian guys saying they couldnt fish anywhere else and the guy yelling said put your boat back on its trailer and head back home ....dont you know were in a fffffnnnn pandemic and you drive 2 hours to where the cases are lower than your hometown bunch of fffffnnnn jokers and so on ....amusing to say the least.
  15. Nice congrats ! Im havin a rough go at getting into range myself....3 times out no chance yet
  16. Did you have permission to be on the property or is it crown land? Some guys get really pissed if your tresspassing on their property ....and they could have your picture on trail camera too ...especially if they have feeders out there...idiots steal hunters stands ...cameras ..feeders all the time..its brutal when the gear cost so much money and random people help themselves to it....if its on crown land then its the hunters stupidity for leavin it out there really I.M.O.
  17. I took this picture at the dump today....these are coco pods wrapped in plastic .....this was a smaller garbage bin hauler style truck full....i asked the kid at the dump about them and theyre from local marijuana grow ops ...(goverment ran)likely...now why do we have to separate all of our recycling to a tee or they wont take it and all these plastic wrapped pots just get dumped and buried and thats ok...the soil or coco could be emptied in a field and the plastic could be rinsed and recycled....he says thats a smaller load compared to what comes through on occasion...just ridicoulous...take out food places are now serving paper straws to reduce plastics in waste🙄what a joke!
  18. Definately look like rainbows...if not smaller chinook salmon ....and definately the wrong spot to dump them! They wouldve been better off in the woods outta site outta mind for sure ...the coyotes or vultures and coons would clean them up quick.i live out off hwy 20 and yesterday off hwy 58 there was 5 vehicles pulled off the side of the road and theres a concrete culvert type of platform with 7 or 8 guys all fishing .....i can guarantee they all drove here from t.o.....all side by side no masks no social distancing ...i almost wanted to stop there today to see how much garbage was around cause ive been there before and picked up a grocery bag full of worm containers and food wrappers and fishing line etc...just b.s.!
  19. Nice bird! Congrats! ..my opening morning we only saw one hen for 3 hours heard no gobbles either...went out for 5 pm last night and had 3 hens come check out our decoys and could barely see a large tom lurking back in the woods a bit but wouldnt gobble or come out ...we were150 yrds across the corner of a field from him ......at least we know hes there and where the hens are there will be toms and jakes so we will try again thursday evening and friday morning....i may let out one call friday morning before the birds come off the roost and remain silent for at least 2 hours with a jake and hen out for decoys...good luck guys!
  20. Dont blame ya...never said i was smart😂
  21. I just sprayed my turkey hunting gear today....i went to get a spot set up and came home with 4 ticks on me....id just hate to give up hunting turkey now after 25 yrs....i enjoy the thrill of the hunt and now my 17 yr old daughter is hunting too ....but those little buggers creep me out...hopefully the spray will keepem away
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