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  1. I miss port hope salmon fishing season after i moved to NIagara falls in 2018. The run there started in Aug this year as I heard through the grape vine, the salmon run over there is the biggest in Southern ontario, coarse fishing even works so effectively fishing there. I had great memorise of the good 20 years I had fish that area during the season. I normally travel from Toronto to Port hope twice a week, from second week of Aug to oct first week. To get the prime pier spot , one needs to be there by 3Pm, just to hold a spot, fish do not necessarily bite till an hour after dark around 7pm. Lots of Torontonians go there to fish, yet no one cares about car pooling. I met americans, people from ottawa , quebec, kitchener etc , who go there hoping to catch a female for its egg. Every year, someone will be asking us at the pier, if we accidentally snag a rod and reel while casting spoon, cause a salmon took his equipment while he was not payng attention. The garbage thrown around during the season is pathetic, including anglers cutting a female salmon for its eggs and then just threw the cut up female body on the ground , hoping someone else might want the discarded meat. The area gets close to 100 people at some nights, some do not have license fishing the salmon season, and have to run away fast when they saw conservation officer or a police checking for fishing license, Police there has the authority to issue tickets after years of complaint from locals. The Pandemic was just an excuse to close off that area due to locals complainging in years. The salmon will be very happy this year to enjoy playing by themselves. I brought many first time friends who seldom fish, but wanted to experience fighting a salmon. I remembered having to save 3 rods on 3 different occasion , when a salmon took it off the ledge while the anglers coarse fishing but left for split second and not paid attention. It was that exciting fishing over there.
  2. Sorry for the title minor confusion, the existing parking lot at port D with fishable area might probably be close off soon, the pier is still under construction and is close off. But will eventually be reopen.
  3. A friend got fined for $30 not buying a ticket.
  4. On wednesday, I saw a partial gate still open before the parking lot, it was close off months ago during covid restricted time, The path towards the dam has a NEW close off gate for the last few days.
  5. Does anyone know what is the rough distance, of the river (in KM) from Queenston boat launch to Mouth of lower Niagara falls? Or anyone knows how far of a boat ride from the boat launch to the mouth? IF someone wanted to fish the mouth of lower river, has any Canadian driven across the border and launch from the NY young's point instead? One thing to consider is the $10 toll charge (car + a trailer/boat) driving back to canadian border.
  6. $290 for you since you go to church as I do. Take me fishing on your boat if you have a spare spot, I know some honey hole on Upper niagara river USA side. Fishing there is good when water is from 50-60 degrees. I sold my boat after my separation 1.5 years ago and move to Niagara falls almost  a year now. joshua 4168210966.


    I just saw your response today. Not sure why I did not get a notification. 

  7. On May 6, 2019, gas rate at Niagara falls is CA$1.23. Buffalo was at US$2,70- 2. 89/gallon My Grand caravan takes 70 liters. A saving of CA$12.00 per fill up based on US$1=CA$1.35 exchange rate. Minus the Toll charge now is CA$5 to get back to Canada. Since I have to do some errands across, Someone at craigslist buffalo was nice enough to give me a 9.5ft pinnacle rod for Free. It was originally a 10ft rod and the first 6 inch to the tip was gone. I just fixed the tip after I got home. Rod was rated 4-12 lb steelhead rod. I save a few bucks. Overall. I visited the NYPA area and schloopkls plant as well, both areas were closed due to high water level. Two maid of the mist boat was parked on the Schloopkls platform, the ramp attached to the boat and part of the cemented shoreline were submerged, no customer will be able to enter the boat without getting their feet wet. so no business for them as well.
  8. MOre updated news for port d area potential flooding posted May 7, 2019 https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9340645-st-catharines-taking-precautions-in-case-of-lake-flooding/
  9. fishfight


    I thought the smelt migration were temp sensitive , I read water temp should be from 38-40 degrees. Water was still 36 degrees yesterday. Could happen anytime soon.
  10. Due to water rising and falling unpredictably these days at Niagara river, I would assume fishing is tougher now than it was when water remains at a low level a few years ago, one other reason we have less report . It is nice to know tyler taking over. Tyler should voice up if he needs some extra funding, Put those who gave some funds into a separate category.
  11. I lost my fishing net a month ago either at port d or at whirlpool, or the glen. Nothing to lose but to try here in case someone picked it up. Joshua.
  12. If he is homeless, he might be well off inside prison with a warm bed to sleep on and decent 3 meal food. NO hard work to go out to the lake to catch fish to eat. It is obvious, he does not care about his numerous record. Being banned from fishing will not stop him from doing the same crime in the future. I heard it cost tax payer $45, 000/yr to support and feed an inmate. Locking him up means, we all have to pay for it.
  13. Based on the image from Kuwait, Just like our Nafta deal, if the small percentage of body parts were just made elsewhere, it is still considered from local source, I never touch our olive oil either, Been mislabeled in years Hard to find pure Olive oil anymore these days. Hey guys, If you notice my personal profile...............I moved to Niagara Falls. so now I am a local boy now.
  14. Hook sharpener Nail clipper rags hand degreaser, alcohol, or baby wipe from dollarstore extra spool of line suntan lotion mosquito replellant bandaid grocery bag- after I slipped and got my shoes and foot wet, I slipped on the grocery bag and wore my wet shoes back on, I was able to fish the whole day with dry feet on wet shoes. water to drink. split shot sunglass hat Fishing vest with lots of pockets, to put most of these item, so you just grab your vest and go. check kijiji for deals. For lures- Spoon and jigheads of different weight and grubs of different size and colors are my best lures. some crankbait are also useful , some floats and some that dives.
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