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  1. I learned it by watching YouTube vids, very helpful! Much easier than the manual....
  2. I keep main straight. I use the heading button which has a “N” push and hold till the N on the screen gets a circle around it, and after a cpl seconds disappears. It will keep you moving in the direction you’re pointed. You can change direction any time by just turning the minnkota . It works really well. The stronger the current the more power you’ll need to maintain your heading.
  3. Not quite what I got outta that. He seemed to be a man partially broken, possibly knowing that his actions or lack of caused more death and heartache than necessary.
  4. tombo

    Open Ramps

    Airports must be open for commuters! However international flights should not be happening! Period!
  5. tombo

    Open Ramps

    Fords own medical experts recommended outdoor activities open for mental health and low risk of infection reasons. How exactly is a guy fishing in his own boat in the middle of the lake risking infection of anyone! It’s absolutely asinine!! Or golfers playing alone for that matter! They only touch their own equipment!! zero risk. I’m all for restrictions that keep people safer. But some of the restrictions do nothing but make people miserable and depressed! For example zero people 19 and under dead from COVID in Ontario, but over 100 suicides in that age group due to lockdowns and rest
  6. Sry, I was not criticizing. Just saying I’m chicken! Lol
  7. I’ve opted out on the Astra Zeneca. Gonna wait till I can get 1 of the safer ones. Astra Zeneca is the 1 all the pharmacies are using I believe.
  8. Actually the other end is sitting against the other bank!
  9. If you could go fly fishing anywhere in Ontario for Specs, where would you go? Wifey got hooked on speckles a cpl yrs ago. Didn’t fish last spring because of COVID. This yr she says we goin no matter what! First season we fished all she caught was fingerlings, I’d love for her to catch something a little larger! When I was young, 35ish yrs ago I fished a lot of creeks and rivers from Mount Forest to Owen Sound and then south along the lake. Not sure if I should try that area again or hit another area? We will probably have about a week to hunt! Any tips and suggestions would be greatly
  10. Was up in that area 35 yrs ago, stopped at many a small lake along the road and caught either pike and/or walleye from shore In every lake! I’m sure it’s not the same now, but should still be a few fish.....
  11. I use the curado dc on a 10 1/2 avid. Works nice for float fishing. Need line without too much memory. Casts small floats with minimal shot pretty well, provided you have a little space behind ya....
  12. Same experience there 40ish yrs ago. Many good largies on the north side.
  13. Thank god we can get the boats wet now!! But I think we’d all be smart to be more careful now that they’re easing off on the restrictions. Last thing we want is to lose the opportunities we just got back! I for 1 will only fish alone for the foreseeable future. Less fun, but better than watching fishing shows on the sofa!!
  14. I believe they have said the virus lives on hard surfaces like metal and hard plastic for 3-4 days
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