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  1. I use the curado dc on a 10 1/2 avid. Works nice for float fishing. Need line without too much memory. Casts small floats with minimal shot pretty well, provided you have a little space behind ya....
  2. Same experience there 40ish yrs ago. Many good largies on the north side.
  3. Thank god we can get the boats wet now!! But I think we’d all be smart to be more careful now that they’re easing off on the restrictions. Last thing we want is to lose the opportunities we just got back! I for 1 will only fish alone for the foreseeable future. Less fun, but better than watching fishing shows on the sofa!!
  4. I believe they have said the virus lives on hard surfaces like metal and hard plastic for 3-4 days
  5. Definitely 1 of the funniest things I’ve seen a picture of on a fishing forum! Still laughing...
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more insanity in the near future like the Nova Scotia shootings. People extremely stressed about not being able to work and pay their bills, and then forced to sit in the house and do nothing but think about it! Seems to me it’s a recipe for craziness!
  7. Lmao! Too funny...had to zoom in to realize it was not a boomerang!
  8. Fished that water for many yrs, it’s sad they were able to just take it away !
  9. Clearly an example of a ridiculous fine! I think the reason our government has made a large majority of the “social distancing “ rules, is to protect us from the stupid people who just don’t get it! Last weekend my neighbour had a birthday party with a yard full of people! And there were kids reaching through the fence to pet my dog! For those that don’t know, mammals can carry the virus. Some people’s lack of brain power amazes me!!
  10. Unreasonable? I REALLY want to be able to go fishing! However... people not following the social distancing rules risk becoming infected & transferring the virus to others! Consequently possibly killing many people down the line! How much are those lives worth?? Obviously some of the regulations are a bit ridiculous, they do need to rethink them a little! However for the most part, the fines are completely inadequate in my opinion!
  11. If photo #2 is ok, could you pls tell me where in niagara I can launch my boat?
  12. Got out on the water for a short pre fishing test run. Unit seems to be pretty good, but will def have to watch some videos to figure out the best settings. Being a ex-humminbird guy it will take a while to get used to the different way to navigate through the system, but it doesn’t appear to be difficult just different.
  13. His post makes me feel technologically inept!
  14. Will do. Btw, this unit is 699 at Erie tracker with Canada lakes map card.
  15. I did a lot of looking, decided to go with a Garmin echomap plus 75sv. Appears to be a good unit for the money. Will give her a test on the river this weekend hopefully!
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