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  1. I agree it is money well spent. I went with Paul Castellano from Cast Adventures a couple of years ago. I learned more in those 8 hours than I did in all my previous years trying to figure out the Niagara River by myself. Spend the money!!! it comes back to you many times over in knowledge and a great time on the water.
  2. take a travel rod, some circle hooks, weights, get some shrimp from the restaurant and cast from shore. I was at the Blau Marina in April and had a blast...hold on tight because even the little fish hit and run like a freight train.
  3. Shallow 5-15 ft of water
  4. I believe the NYS regs say November 1 - April 1. I fish over there all winter and my fishing buddy and I wear our float suits.
  5. banker66


    try 908-894-0676 it is the number he gives out on cards in the bait shed.
  6. Got some at dominion, he has lots and good price
  7. Where is everyone getting minnows right now? peters does not have any...anyone know about dominion or erie tracker?
  8. http://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/2014/12/10/two-men-hijack-niagara-fishing-boat I just hope whichever guide it was, is doing ok.
  9. I was there last night and witnessed Jordan speaking with a customer. He was very informative and honest with the customer about the rods he was discussing. I spoke up and told the customer Jordan really does know what he is talking about as he does very well in Niagara. Customer ran into me later in the store and confirmed that he really felt that he was getting great information from Jordan, even though he did not buy the rod right then, he will be back to deal with Jordan again. He said that Jordan suggested checking out this forum for information as well. I will buy my boat supplies f
  10. I have been both the guy on shore and the boater, more a boater now. I see the same issues previously described all the time. As a boater that fishes the lower Niagara all year long, it cracks me up hearing the occasional shore guy telling me " for f-sakes you have the whole river to fish why do you have to be here!!" my response is that I will be in your drift for less than 10 seconds with the current we have here, relax enjoy your fishing time and I will enjoy mine. I certainly will not be in close to shore like your line will be, feel free to cast behind me, not over me...lol
  11. we got back from Cuba at 0530 Sunday. Great time at the resort. Fished from the beach one night, lost two lures to huge blow ups. 50lb braid was not strong enough, broke at the leader on the hook set or alternatively I suck at tying knots...not. glow in the dark plug is stuck in somethings yap and silver rapala is in anothers... we were booked for deep sea fishing, but got cancelled due to high winds on two days. Cashed in ticket and went mangrove fishing with my father in law. We caught small bonefish, snappers, puffer fish, maharas and used the mahara as bait for baracudas on the way b
  12. It was Dods and I that were in the boat ahead of you. With all of us working it did not take us long to get the ramp clear. Nice to meet you by the way. Scott
  13. Heading to Holguin Cuba April 5-12 staying at riu playa turquesa holguin. Any tips or tricks for tackle and travelling with gear and lures would be greatly appreciated. I have heard that the guides would really appreciate receiving whatever you leave behind, as they can't get anything?
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