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  1. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/videos/gallery/the-most-canadian-thing-ive-ever-seen-opp-escort-moose-down-highway/sharevideo/6276042839001
  2. I considered getting sugar gliders as pets when I was a lot younger. What nobody likes to talk about with them is there is no such thing as potty training with them. They go where ever they are when ever they want. They also have the temprament of a monkey... cute and nasty all at the same time.
  3. Use outline.com to get around paywalls for various sites. Here's the link for this article. Pretty pictures. https://outline.com/FkwTAh cd.
  4. Look at who owns/manages each of those ramps. Municipal/regional gov't=closed. Private=open. For the most part.
  5. The MNR won't change any of their regulations due to this pandemic. The additional restrictions are from the 3 levels of gov't directly. The only ministry with input on the restrictions is health. The MNR will never give you a yes/no on a question about whether you can go other than whether you are within the season or not. This is akin to the Sunday hunting BS. The MNR will not make changes to any regulation to take municipal bylaws into consideration.
  6. Nice proprty for sure. Good luck with the hunting. I am sure you'll enjoy it and get some meat out of the deal too.
  7. Out of curiosity, was there paperwork you had to read & sign before getting the injection?
  8. If it's something you want, there should be no apprehension about it. While I will not be getting it, I also don't believe a lot of the claims of adverse affects. Sure, not everyone's system will take it like it's designed to work but for most people they will be fine in regards to immediate issues. I can tell you this, there is not a single drug out there that hasn't killed someone at some point yet we trust the majority of them. Keep in mind every other drug out there has gone through proper clinical trials as well. My biggest concern is what may happen in the 2-10 years after receiving this injection.
  9. Going to go to Dain City after work today to wet a line. Figure I'll start on Kingsway at Forks Rd and move south from there. A couple of quick questions: 1. What's the bottom like along that stretch? Short weeds, tall weeds, something else? 2. Not planning to use live bait, artificial only. Jigs on bottom, small cranks, something else? What's the popular methods for softwater shore fishing? Thanks guys. cd.
  10. I'm not missing the point at all. Regulatory approval is a serial process, not parallel. Each step of the way depends on the results from the last. How long have you worked in pharma and how many regulatory submissions have you been a part of? For me, a total of 8 years and dozens of submissions as well as 5 FDA audits and 2 HC audits. You're not going to convince me that these biologicals have gone through anything close to the standard process for safety.
  11. Have you ever been involved in clinical trials and understand what the regulatory submission requirements are for it? Maybe you are just going to ignore the 6, 12 & 24 months submissions. You realize every single one of these medications are officially classified as experimental and not actually approved right? You are part of phase 3 for an experimental drug and not an approved drug.
  12. Phase 3 clinical is a 3-5 year process in which monitoring of the subjects is performed. How did they do a 6, 12 & 24 month assessment after the injection in an 8 month period? Time machine maybe? edit to add: I was last involved in HC and FDA regulatory submissions in 2018, maybe things have changed in the last 2 years and nobody cares about mid to long term effects of injected biologicals anymore.
  13. So maybe people need to sue the manufacturer of the van that killed 10 people in Toronto now for not having smart technology to prevent a nutjob from using it as a weapon.
  14. The problem with the anti's is that they can't see beyond the death of the animal. They don't see the enormous amount of money that goes into wildlife management. They don't see the meat that trophy hunts provide for the villages in the area. They don't see the employment provided to many people along the way. The only way to even touch a subject like this is to broadcast nature being nature. If we were to broadcast pictures of animals attacking, killing and eating other animals, broadcast pictures of diseased animals due to overpopulation, broadcast pictures of animals churned up in the fields use to grow vegan food, any of them with a brain would see that trophy hunters aren't the worst thing to happen to animals. All the anti's live in an unreal dreamworld and refuse to see the truth.
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