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  1. OK. Fishing is allowed, in fact it is explicitly listed as an allowed activity on the ontario.ca website. There are no travle restrictions. Nobody in gov't is going to risk violating our chart right to mobility. As individuals the only things we need to worry about is exceeding a social distancing limit, which at this time is 5. We also have to worry about being at a location/facility that is closed. Lastly we need to worry about municipal bylaws for anywhere we roam. All of the other restrictions are for business's not for individuals.
  2. So what's the difference between me staying at home, or driving my truck to a parking lots, pulling my gear on to the ice and fishing for a few hours then returning home in terms of spread of the virus. It's and easy answer... nothing. Social distancing is the intent of this bylaw, not locking people in their houses. The complete intent of this is to keep people as separated as possible. You may feel like staying in your house is the best way to stay separated. For me it's to not be close to anybody else. Whether it be in my house or on the middle of a frozen lake, you got to keep em separated
  3. There's no travel bans at all. You can drive to James Bay without breaking any laws. The only laws we need concern ourselves with are the social gathering laws and any municipal bylaws for whee we are. It has been explicitely stated by the Ontario Gov't that fishing is allowed, provided you follow the social gathering requirements.
  4. I'm on the fence about this. On one side you have the green space which is nice to have. The green space being develop-ed is smaller pockets already within the urban sprawl. These are also the places that you generally can't hunt or fish anyways and the places littered with garbage all the time from the urban community who want to be "green". On the other side, it's not big business who will be developing these areas. It's the home builders for the most part who provide jobs and economic benefit to the areas. Everyone is complaining about the lack of availability in the housing ma
  5. Sunday was traditionally a day of rest where people went to chruch instead of making noise with shotguns and dirty old pirate guns.
  6. I don't blame the MNR. I blame the municipalities. The MNR provide equal rules for the province. It's the municipal gov't that needs to be brought to task. In West Lincoln we tried (thanks to the OFAH for leading the attempt) but at that time our alderman were being a bunch of anti-hunter NIMBY's.
  7. Those are awesome freezer fillers. Congrats on the successful hunt.
  8. Ya... 2020 is only the start of the decade...
  9. I don't see using archery, or hunting in general where hunting is legal as poaching. Poaching is taking game when there is no open season. Using archery where there is a stupid bylaw is just breaking a bylaw. Hunting is legal in the area still therefore as long as the MNR regulations are followed, screw the bylaw. With that said, I don't do my hunting in Grimsby so it won't affect my hunt but I will stand shoulder to shoulder with any hunters who are affected by this.
  10. So the town voted to prohibit all archery anywhere in Grismby including above the brow. Well all know there has been no firearms discharge for a long time but now archery is prohibited too. Guess all the big city folks are having their say these days.
  11. We've been out with the pointy sticks a bunch of times. We also chose the Dec controlled hunt so we got our week of shotgun to come still.
  12. So I use a lot of electricity... As I said on my bill I have the on/mid/off peak usage in kilowatt hours for the last year. I used the current pricing as indicated for the calculation. The prices I used are at the bottom. The tou column (g) is a sum of column b * 21.7, column c * 15 and column d * 10.5. Column h (tiered) is 1000 * 12.6 and then column e less 1000 * 14.6. I didn't bother taking into consideration summer rates or the fact that the 1000 kilowatt hours turns into 600 in the summer for tiered. I think I made the right choice for my situation.
  13. My hydro bill gives me details of my usage for the last year. For what I used tiered would have cost me $200 more for the year. That's even with my wife and 4 kids home for the last 8 months.
  14. The cost of the food dept is by far the highest cost in the stores. Once the NF store is built, people in St Kitts have the option of a 10 minute drive either way to get the food stuff. I'm suprised they are even keeping the store open. Be happy for that.
  15. The Ice Armour is a nice suit, priced on par with the Stryker Climate. Did you do any comparison of the two? I am due for a new suit this year and those are at the top of my list. I am more concerned with warmth and flexibility that I am with floatation.
  16. With the app itself, there is complete anonimity. This is not to say that the gov't is not tracking people some other way. The gov't requires court ordered paperwork to legally collect location data for people from cell carriers. Most people freely give away their location data to unknown third party companies by installing their favourite apps and games so people who are concerned about this app in terms of location data are hypocrits in my opinion. When you install the app there is nothing in it that ties personal information about you to the app. I have chosen not to install it.
  17. If the app does tell you that someone close to you is positive, there is someone outside of quarantine who needs a solid punch to the nose. The app will supercede your bluetooth settings and will continuously look for other devices running the app, you have no say in that matter reguardless of your pairings. The only data it uses is what's available at any given time to pull updates from the server with the ID's of other devices who have put in the "I tested positive" code.
  18. Here's the thing about the app. 1. It is open source and was developed by volunteers world wide. Anyone is able to look at the source code for it if they really want to see what exactly it does. There is no black ops voodoo BS in the app. 2. It is a battery killer depending on the phone you use. It actively looks for other bluetooth devices running the app. Bluetooth has an effective range of about 15 feet. 3. The app itself only logs the date/time that another device with the app was in range, and a specific (random) ID for that device. The app also checks in with a ser
  19. We do... we have a big group and have had 3 adults tags for the last few years. We gonna need a 6000 pound moose to fill freezers this year.
  20. Well, how did everyone make out? My (big) group that hunts in 54 got at least 1 bull tag which based on recent history Verado should fill for us this year. WMU 54 had the number of available tags drop by 60% this year over previous years. We were worried that we might not get one. Guess I will book my vacation now.
  21. I know I know... it's not Niagara but a buddy of mine got a place up on Chemong and we set out for the first time to explore. The lake is known as a panfish lake and yes, it is a panfish lake. We spent probably 3 hours of the day trolling with cranks, just flatlining and to our complete suprise, sunfish and bluegill were hammering the cranks. We probably caught 40-50 panfish in total while trolling cranks. I have never had that before. We did a lot of testing as well. He has young children so we had to make sure we found spots and methods that would keep the kids busy. We did some
  22. The only real law right now is a group size maximum of 10 (provincial). Unless you are in a municipality that has another law more restrictive you are fine. There are no federal laws restricting anything.
  23. There's lots of gunsmith's in Niagara. Just depends on what you need done.
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