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  1. Hey Guys, It has been some time since I have posted on here. Things get busy and you just lose track of time. Last year I posted that we would be releasing some how to videos for our line of Top Notch Tackle products. By the time we were done it was late fall and we decided to hold off on the video release. With bass season being open now across the board and anglers eager to get out, now is the time for its official release. Comments and ideas for future videos are welcome. As this is our first official video please go easy on us. Thanks
  2. Pauly, these videos will all be how to videos. Too many shows out there show anglers catching fish on baits but don't explain properly how and when to use them. Not to say those shows aren't entertaining but when a customer buys a product they seen an angler on tv catching fish like crazy on and they can't catch anything on it they tend to put them in the tackle box and almost never use again, never mind not purchasing another product like it. Most serious anglers know there is a time and place for every bait on the market but probably 80% of the angling public are simply weekend anglers tha
  3. The darters have been pretty hot all year, the stores have been moving a lot of those baits. The cooler weather is causing the fish to put the feedbag on! Fishing only gets better from here!
  4. Not sure if there will be any tickets left by then. If so I will.
  5. Hey NFNer’s The Niagara Bassmasters were donated a print valued at $450 to auction off at our charity event with all of the proceeds going directly to the Help a Child Smile Foundation. The print is called "Hockey Fights Cancer", it was painted by a fellow fisherman named Murray Henderson. Murray lost his daughter to cancer in 2009 and has since done a lot in the fishing community to help raise funds for cancer. Because this charity hits close to home for him he donated this print to us to raise money for our event. The print is of a number of hockey’s tough guys, the very cool part is that
  6. We said last year we were going to do this but we just got too busy. I guess it is better late than never! This is just an intro but full episodes coming soon.
  7. Another successful event has gone by, this year we were down a couple boats from last but the payouts thanks to our title sponsor Niagara Supportive Living were way up! Congrats to the father and son winning team of Poirier/Poirier. Full Results below 1st PJ Poirier & Perry Poirier 20.91lbs $1860 2nd Mike & Sue Watson 20.64lbs. $920 Big Smallie 5.01lbs $440 3rd Gerald Koetsier & Roy Young 19.57lbs $620 4th Shane Cashmore & Matt Sandlac 18.96lbs $300 5th Mike Clark & Vince Frasca 18.82lbs $100 6th Brent Way & Rob Young 18.56lbs. $100 Second Big Fish $250 7th Pete Barton
  8. Great to hear you had a good time, see you next year.
  9. Weigh-in starts at 3:00, come on down and support todays anglers. There will be a raffle and 50/50 draw available to anglers and spectators.
  10. Hey Guy’s We have had so much more interest going into this year’s event then we have had in the past and it looks like we are going surpass last year’s record turnout of 42 boats by a whole lot more. We are going to have a number of new teams this year so I am just going to post a little bit of info to help out some of the new teams that will be fishing for the first time. The event will be held out of the Greater Niagara Boat Club, this is also where registration will take place. All boats will be launched just up the road at the free public boat launch. Parking at the boat launch is
  11. Weather right now is looking great!! Sunny and low winds!!
  12. We are expecting another great turnout this year. We set a record last year with 42 entries and we are expecting even more this year. This year we have a bunch of extra money donated to the event to open up more paying spots. A new payout spot for this years event is the smallest legal fish weighed in! Also special prizes for hidden weights. This means you might finish second last overall yet walk out with a great hidden weight prize. This event is great fun for everyone involved. Last year we had a number of family teams consisting of spouses, father son and father daughter. A great e
  13. Fish the deeper sections of the river using ISG green pumpkin (hot colour in the river now) tubes (available at Grimsby Tackle) using a 3/8oz tube jig head. Smallies like to hide behind the large rocks or sharp depth changes in the river.
  14. There is great fishing for almost all species throughout that waterway. I have a trailer on the west end "Lost Channel". There is a lot of water there and more then a few sunken islands. If you are not familiar with the waterway take your time when motoring around but when you find those sunken islands fish them with tubes for bass or leeches if you are going for pickerel. Also for pickerel if you like to troll use those Spin-N-Glo things that look like acorns with wings tipped with a worm. If you are a bass guy there are lots of bass in the 5 pound plus range there.
  15. I am with state farm for everything I have. I started with them when I first started driving. I switched to another company for about 1 year for other reasons then came right back to them. Will probably never leave them again. The biggest thing with insurance companies is the unfortunate time when you need to make a claim. They can just drag it out, and just make a nightmare of an already bad situation. I know when I had switched companies I had to make a claim and it was about a 4 month ordeal of fighting back and forth. Once you have had great service at a bad time it is hard to switch eve
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