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  1. Poppers can be awesome. Slow day. Nice long pause between popps
  2. I'm not to sure why ..Dunville... Was replaced with hashtags in my post Humm lol
  3. I posted this on another sight but I thought I would share. My Dad and myself took to the grand and launched out of today for some cat action. Here is my copy and past post Well my old man and myself took to the river at 7am to 1:30pm. Water temp was 54 and only 1 small cat to show for it. Lots of small chewers though to keep you guessing and interested. I'm sure they are there but were not interested in our offerings today. One quick note on boat ramp edicate though. As we pulled into the marina today to take our boat out a fellow boater parked his trailered boat by the launch. I dropped my dad off to get the truck and this guy backs his boat down the launch and proceeds to unpack and unhook his boat while his buddy goes into the shop. Ya so we are left floating waiting for him to finish packing, unhooking, buying bait then finally launching his boat. And he wonders why I was pissed !!! (No words were exchanged, only gestures as i did not want to ruin our day) Just thought I would share as some people might not know simple launch edicate, especially when there is only one ramp. Anyways bait shack was stocked and ramp was great. Cats must of been afraid of my dog in the boat
  4. If you need a location for your GPS Google Bait shop. It's on the river. He will have bait there and shore fishing. I think he charges 5 or 10 bucks for parking and fishing. And has a honour system bait shack if ur early. Hope that helps
  5. Some of you guys are real sad. I bet some of you making these comments are the same guys flipping the browns out of the net on Port D pier. Or milking eggs out of trout and salmon (because that's great for the fish). Tie a fly use a bead. Relax!!! Only one person had to say that it prob not a good idea to take a pic on OOS fish. Great incidental catch. Welcome to the musky club.
  6. I don't believe there is one. My ex brother law has a cottage there. I've done a tone of fishing over the years on the lake. All the big humps are clearly marked Good musky fishing. Not big ones but good numbers
  7. I mounted my transducer under my seat. Just make sure there are no bubbles when u glue it on. Works great.
  8. Your best shot if not using bait is to drift gulp, powerbait, Finn minnows under a float. If tossing hardware just bring an assortment of spoons and spinners. You don't have to go big. Just use the drifts to ur advantage. As for conditions u will have to check before u come. It does change dad to day. "Jimmy2fish" no need to be a D@@k! A guy who hides all personal info always talks big on these sights Lets keep it fun and informative to a degree.
  9. I agree lose the plastic. Every time I see a guy with plastic on the handle still i have a lil chuckle. I cant wait to get my handles "seasoned" on new rods
  10. Backwoods


    no kidding boney lol. I could not imagine trying to clean one. Pike are hard enough. Prob only way is to clean the cavity and bake it in the oven or BBQ. Then pull the backbone and millions of Y bones out. Or use a rod and let it go lol
  11. Thanks Sony that does help.
  12. Backwoods

    Port D

    Hey guys. Just looking on some info on what effects the water clairety at Port D. I'm not sure if it's fed by Lake Erie. So wind would bugger it up or if rain does. Has the flow been good this year or is is still touch and go. Thanks and if ur out fishing this week wear lead in your boots to hold ya down.
  13. Backwoods


    Emergency services in townships depend on citizens to do a job for free or a very small pay. Volintary firefighters is one example. They are not "wannabes" as u put it. They are individuals that work a full time job and volunteer there time for their community they live in. Same goes with auxizillary officers. Some work full time jobs, some are gaining job experience as an auxiliary so they can become full time officers. Hats off to anyone who would work for free to help their community or fishery I guess I need professional help
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