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  1. Very nice the the bass right after the carp looks like it has a lure in its mouth cool
  2. Merry christmas to all and may you new year be blessed with fish and health
  3. Nice catch will warm you up on a cold day reeling of those in.
  4. Good to hear everything went well take it easy
  5. http://buffalonews.com/2016/11/14/niagara-river-restored-like-jurassic-park/#
  6. that should be a fun weekend
  7. thats awsome great weekend no matter anywhere up north is beautiful
  8. Erie temperature is really high i found wonder if it makes that much difference walleyes are hard to come by
  9. nice video only wish they bite when im there
  10. Radioworld Toronto ckeclk web i believe it is around 140. now and it works very well
  11. Try Marc,s marine in NF behind Marineland has tons of used parts
  12. Nice fish heading out in about an hour out of PC hope we get lucky,thx for sharing
  13. Were is the Can? new to this term Thx
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