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  1. What are you guys using for a battery I see there are small lithium Ion batteries available?? I've had a Lawrence Elite 4 sitting unused for years.Never bothered since I fish Erie shoreline mostly but with Lake O looming I better get rigged.
  2. Dave

    Be careful

    I'm confused, you are a healthcare worker with knowledge of the virus ,and you're letting your kids play with the neighbourhood kids??
  3. Dave

    Be careful

    So what actually are the facts here?Did they get charged because they were on public land OR were they 3 individuals from different addresses fishing in close proximity to each other..In that case they are actually defying the social distancing guidelines... Another angle on boat launch closures is that they do not want to commit any more law enforcement to policing waters AND they don't want to put any of them at risk in case of on water rescue...
  4. Don't forget to always carry a few shiner patterns to...These in size #4 around 3 inches long... They also work great on Lake O Browns.....
  5. Lake Erie out of a kayak is awesome.I live for the first month of the opener..I fish out of a hobie pro angler 14 now...Start putting rubber legs in everything you can...
  6. And many many more.............
  7. Its been fishing REALLY slow, the glory days are over.Still I have caught some of the biggest fish in a few years...On average 1 bass per hour, you have to fish hard now... Dead drift with a rabbit leech,rubber legs, bead chain eyes...Go down to 3X flouro tippet....Or swing Sculpins in the faster riffles...
  8. I agree with Fly Carp,if you post a pic we might be able to find you a substitute..Try Canadian Llama as well, they have a few exotic materials...
  9. I've fished this stretch for years and this year its been terrible, as others have mentioned...Even the rest of the lower Grand is fishing the worst I've seen in years..What can we expect with the lowest water levels and highest water temps we've seen in along time...What concerns me is some of the reshaping of the river.Its just fishing much flatter this year...Apparently lots of winter ice has scoured the river, then throw in some extreme blow outs and you have a disaster.What I've noticed in the last few years is we've had a shortage of dinks and those 8-10 inch fish....Only time will tell when the river returns to "good" fishing conditions how the Bass population really is... Personally I don't fish the smaller trib of this stretch...For me they are my future "steelhead nursery" which also went in to decline a few years now...
  10. Hi Guys,My buddy ended up leaving a tackle bag at the Crystal Beach boat launch Tuesday June 26...Not sure to the exact contents but we were on Erie fly fishing so could contain some fly gear as well....I appreciate any help...Thank you..
  11. Very nice and congratulations!I just landed my PB last Saturday which was the twin of your fish....I've fly fished for a lot of species but the Carp are the toughest buggers to hit....It helps when you have someone experienced giving you pointers thou...
  12. Dave


    Do you guys find that the bite is better when the water is rougher?Any wind directions that are preferred for our shore?Now that I'm retired I won't bother fishing an Easterly...
  13. Dave


    Thanks steellee
  14. I would imagine the bulk of the Erie Smallies are in deeper water at the moment.I usually fly fish for them in the first few weeks of the open season with great results.I've read and seen Bob Izumi shows where they again target Bass in the shallows during the late summer,early fall.Do some come back in to cruise the shallows and feed??I did make an attempt years a go but I felt I was fishing in a dead zone out there...Covering water and searching for fish in a Kayak is tough.. Any shallow water potential in Late summer?
  15. Dave


    Would there be a particular time of night that produces better?The only success I've had is early morning just before day break..I always have the dream of catching an open water Nookie on fly gear but last year they never showed up to my spot...I had some baitfish patterns tied with Glo-In-Dark materials and all my Striper fly gear but felt it was such low odds I gave up...Gets spooky out there in the dark LOL...
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