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  1. anyone do any trolling from their kayak ?
  2. Where are you going to put the can, ill stop by and empty it over the coming years.
  3. I hate boot foot waders. My stockings leak in the same place, hope you find a great solution.
  4. Yeaa ouch. Know your target. I dont even own a gun, and I know you don't shoot unless you're sure. And really, a grizzly for a black !
  5. I hope you played the lottery yesterday smerch !
  6. Great report, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences !
  7. Awesome report ! Glad u enjoyed yourselves and the fishing !
  8. Drifter; are you fishing for a career, or fishing, for a career ? =D
  9. Don't limit the centre pin ! I've caught trout jiggin with it, I've caught trout working a streamer up the shoreline on a retrieve, I've caught perch ice fishing with it, I've caught Smallmouth bass bottom bouncing with it. Ive even caught trout making the line "swing" in the tail of my drift as a fly line would. I've tried throwing crankbaits but without weighting the line I couldn't cast far enough for my liking. Floatfishing with a centrepin for migratory trouts is by far my favorite way to fish. =D
  10. Its like golf, dont try and muscle it. Great advice Coachman.
  11. Dont count out duff. It can be very rewarding.
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