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  1. Anything with teeth. All the gears for the drive system, the worm drive on spinning reels. Anything else that turns but doesn't have teeth, oil.
  2. They've become a major problem for the crappie populations here in Oklahoma. On top of that, the mess they make. We crappie fish (as I've explained to a few guys I've gone out with here) in floating houses over structure on the water. The houses have a huge hole in the floor to fish through (similar to an ice hut, but the hole is 8' by 20' in most cases). More times than I can count, a cormorant will dive for fish, and come up in the middle of that house. Instead of diving, and going back out, they always take off, jump the railings, and decide to make a complete mess out of the place with the
  3. I can't wait. Saturday, it's up early, to the woods, then finally wetting a line. First time in nearly three weeks.

  4. I carry a Winchester tri-blade. It's got a clip point, a gut hook, and a bone saw all in one small unit. I also carry a Buck 650T "Nighthawk" with an 8.75" straight edge, but that's mostly for used as a hatchet, should the need arise.
  5. I dunno about the crackheads, but I did see the sign at Oakdale and Westchester about the coyotes. Since I took the time to read that interesting little bit of information, I haven't gone back down there without my friend Buck.
  6. Getting better with the caster. Now to find some fish.

  7. Just wanted to let everyone know. I've got a Quantum Lite QL50 casting reel someone gave me years ago for payment on some work I did for them. I decided tonight to take it down, clean, grease, and oil it. Upon taking it apart, I got a terrible surprise. There was no grease in the reel! I greased it up real good, put it all back together, and it's good as new, maybe better. Use to have a nasty gear whine in it, finally gone. I know they aren't expensive reels, but now it acts like a $200 reel. I just thought I'd let everyone know. I've come across this problem in a few spinning reels, but this
  8. What's the draw weight on that baby, Rob? My Barnett is only 150 pounds, and releasing the string on it is a bit of a challenge without firing it. I've been thinking about getting some cheap old bolts, and carrying one for releasing the string if I don't fire it. That way, if I lose, bend, or break the bolt, I don't lose anything.
  9. Yeah, like KK said, I've done it once. It's an interesting way of fishing. A lot of people try it, thinking it's super easy, but it's a lot more dangerous, and a LOT harder, than it looks. Sometimes those holes are in twenty or thirty feet of water. Other times, they've got giant turtles and even poisonous snakes in them. I heard a story of a few guys noodling on the Red River between Oklahoma and Texas. About six guys were diving the deeper water, looking for fish that way. One went down, found the fish, then came back up for his partner. But before his partner was ready to dive with him, he
  10. I dunno about smallie weights. They aren't my forte. But either way, it's still a hog. It's true, what they said about angles. My PB largemouth didn't look more than 2 pounds by the length, but it had the girth, which you couldn't really see in the picture I took (Fishing Gods Rule #15: Don't bring your camera, catch the fish of a lifetime, so I used my cell).
  11. Actually, Bill, your solution is much simpler. Go to CT or "That other unmentionable store" and get some water proofing spray. Braid is almost the same as canvas, so you're right, you want it to shed the water. But silicone spray will leave a residue in the water. The water proofing spray dries, stays, and while it will wash off over time, it'll at least keep from spooking/possibly poisoning fish. I've done it, once, because I had some braid on a microlite rod, and the wet line actually put too much weight on the tip. One bit of advice, though. Soak the spool with the spray, let it dry for ab
  12. As personal preference, I use #6 lead when pheasant hunting. In the double barrel, you could load one chamber with a 2 3/4" #7.5, and the other with a 3" #6. Closer shots taken with the shorter, smaller shot barrel, longer range with the more powerful load. Assuming the SxS you have is chambered for it, anyways. In the past, my bird hunting like that was done with a pump. I'd have a #7.5 2 3/4", followed by a 2 3/4" #6, then a 3" #5 (turkey load). As the bird flew, if I mislead the first shot, I had a slightly more powerful load behind it, and an even more powerful load behind that. Doing it t
  13. Maybe he fell asleep with a beer in his lap because the upgrade was successful? If he did, why wasn't he sharing? I mean, other than the price of beer in Ontario.
  14. DarkEdge


    I agree with what Rich said. A few weeks ago, I was fishing the pond on 58, throwing a chartreuse buzzbait, and a heron took off from shore, flew over, and made a dive at my lure. I've seen them go after fish looking baits before, but never a nasty, puke yellow anything. I thought as quick as I could, and jerked hard on the rod, causing a decent splash. It spooked the bird back into flight, saving me the aggravation of losing my favourite buzzbait, and the saving the bird from any number of happenings, none of which would be too good. And going along with what Smerch said, I was fishing with
  15. I'll fish with my bow! Doubt anyone would complain about bowing asian carp.
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