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  1. What is non game fish? Seen the regs but are all pan fish game?
  2. Maybe more in regards to suckers and spot tails.
  3. Struggling to find the regs online for this subject. Also can we fish 4 mile Creek before trout opener if we are not targeting trout?
  4. Those pay lake state in the U.K. Are very expensive and very hard to fish. You may spend one week averaging a few fish. It's so expensive that uk people have flown to niagara just to carp fish.
  5. Decew plant would be a blast to toss a line in.
  6. I thought so. What's stopping the brook trout from going to the 12?
  7. Interested on how you made out. I have recently seen signs saying brook trout is catch and release.
  8. Theyve also really lowered the 12 mile for pan am
  9. They will never close port d from fishiNg and the majority of fishin spots are still open. For anyone who thinks the garbage issue will be resolved is simple minded. Do you think these anglers only know port d for fishing? If its unsafe it will be rebuilt woth pile driving in probably two months time to 6 months.
  10. Good luck, better bring your A game.for those hogs. Easily spooked and smart. Id suggest using a light up wagler at night tim.
  11. Theres like 20 boats from port d to jordan.
  12. I agree with the land bags and pouring water on them. I think they were invented for the pay lakes in the uk as their fosh were being caught so often. The same people here are using barbed hooks. Carp areba hearty fish And possibly my favourite.
  13. Carp probably. Im not really prejudice i love them all but bullhead and golby.
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