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  1. Thanks guys! I was going to go today....but got slapped with a honey do list! lol
  2. Hey guys! Anyone been fishing the glen or the pool these days? Did they tape off the parking lots? Just wondering as I might go down this week. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  3. Gil, you said it, I'll second that. You can have one of those on your line all day and not get a bite.
  4. I'm more worried about the shore ice. Can you get down close enough to land a fish safely? If your kind enough to post that too please Steve from Guelph! Thanks, Splakin from Guelph
  5. Hey thanks for the replies guys! Don't get me wrong, I've been fishing for over 20 years down there. I know every nook and cranny down there. The water the last 4-5 years is just stupid now. Just not what it used to be. I had her down there last Oct, down the river thou. She had an absolute blast. I guess if the water is stupid high I'll have to stick to the heli pad I guess. Ya waders is a bad idea for her lol. Hey Bow Man. If you ever seen a guy running up the whirlpool stairs over the years, that was me lol. I love the hiking down there Thanks again
  6. Hey all! For those that are still fishing the whirlpool, does the water stay in the trees all day? I was down there being a tourist a month ago or so and noticed the water was really high. There was like 1 spot along the side where you could kind of cast. Reason being think I'm taking my daughter down on the week-end. Should waders be a necessity? Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  7. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Hi fella's! Is the river fish-able? Lots of pack ice down there and has the shelf started? Figured since below the falls has jammed up a good while ago now the river would be the same. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  9. Splakin


    Hey fella's! Does anyone happen to know if the whirlpool is starting to flow clockwise? The levels have been a little lower of late. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  10. Ya that's so crazy knowing where the water should be this time of year. I took a buddy down 2 years ago Nov and the water was the same as this pic. I couldn't believe it. 2 weeks ago I stopped by had a look in the pool from the aero car and it was the same too. My question is? Is it like this every day now? I've never been a wader guy on the Niagara but with that, you need to get outta of the trees lol. Hard to tell in the dark if you'll need them or not.
  11. I can attest to these boots. I have a very similar pair. Those might be a few years newer. I actually go bare feet in them because they always suck the socks off lol. I've been on the ice all day a not a hint of getting cold. Coldest day was -27 before wind chill. All my buddies and 2 brothers have them and all love em! My 2 cents!
  12. That's awesome! I used to do $3 for the first, the most and the biggest! Now that my daughters are 10 and 11 I'm sure they will want to up the pot! LOL Hitting my favourite bass next week, can't wait.
  13. Cool vid Jim! You diving in the lower Niagara? I too seen some weird fish behavior. I remember May 24 many years ago in the pool I seen the biggest Musk I've ever seen. I've caught a lot of musky I my time but wow. I thinking 45-50lbs 55" ish and that's being in the spring too. It was the evilest looking fish I've ever seen. Anyway's I was throwing everything at it, but no takers. Then a school of steelies would come in, like 20-25 of them for about 30 sec and actually bouncing off the musky. I was thinking I'm gonna see one of them be a nice diner lol. Then a few minutes later same thing with a bunch of lakers. This went on for about 20-25 min. I even stopped fishing just to watch. I'm like they're crazy, but the musky just hovered like nothing was around. Maybe schools like that have some kind of respect, I don't know but it was very cool to witness that.
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