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  1. https://totimes.ca/mountain-lion-spotted-in-niagara-region/ Looks like another cougars been spotted in the area. Saw this article after spending 4 days camping at Chippewa conservation in Wellandport. Thought it was a racoon that stole the cookies. Lol. Be careful hunting as always.
  2. Is access open to the island to use the dock? Thanks
  3. Is it okay to park on the shoulder of Canal bank st and fish? My 3 boys are itching to get out fishing! I am too. Just not sure where to park. Thanks
  4. It's too bad Jordan conservation is still closed. Would be nice to launch yak there again.
  5. Is Fireman's park open to the public? Looking to get the kids out for some shore fishing as well. Thanks
  6. Can u use the foam blocks directly on your roof with no rack? Racks added on to my car is big bucks.
  7. When we were fishing the upper near peace bridge I was amazed at how many there were.
  8. We didn't catch any Musky. Just a few bass too small for pics. Had one Senko bit in half, could have been pike, walleye or Musky. Will definitely be trying again in October or so. By then I should be able to afford a good Musky rod and reel and a few 20$ and up lures. Yikes! Cheers for the info. Launched out of Millers.
  9. Some friends from work and I are going to try for Musky for the first time on the upper this Saturday. Is Millers Marina a good place to launch from or Chippewa creek? If the ski's aren't cooperating we will be going for bass. I know its better closer to fall. Thanks. Will post what we catch if we get lucky.
  10. They would be fun on ultra light set up. Is that place good for kids 6 and under? Looks shallow and very rocky where u were. I'm always looking for a place to fish that's yard ape safe.
  11. Nice fish. I plan on taking the family there camping the second weekend in Aug. Always wanted to try that place.
  12. The post and replies have been very helpful for me on my quest to set up my yak with a Piranah max 160. The only problem is that the lead from the battery to the head unit is less than 2 feet! I would like to store the battery in dry box in the back hatch. Anybody come across this issue? Sorry if this is hijacking a post, but seems related. Thanks
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