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  1. Lots of accesses. Lots of catch and release and some keep areas. I’m partial to first section below dam the not catch and release section. And I’ve always liked I think trestle area. Caddis lots.
  2. Been a long time. Welland river.
  3. Just planning walleye opener weekend and heads up for everyone and I don’t remember this before but I always planned for long weekend is the opener. But the places I checked in southern Ontario are second Saturday and third Saturday way before long weekend this year.
  4. Boat club and across the dam on the island is one.
  5. My spring opener cabin rental got canceled. Anybody hear of lodges up north cancelling there American guests? Maybe looking for a deal to replace.
  6. What part of the rec canal where you fishing today?

    and minnows or worms?


    1. jessek


      Off Lincoln st. Minnows. I like dain city side better but it’s brown water lately 

    2. genec


      Yea, Dain gets the runoff from Mud Lake, which dirties it up.

      thanks for the canal info.


  7. In need of some parts for my trolling motor. Anybody know a Canadian online place that ships with everything going on right now?
  8. Just seen a ad for free fishing in ny. Lower Niagara, Lake Ontario and st lawerence. Till Labor Day. Just letting people know. Google it for more info.
  9. Below Bellwood is trout. Have to go way down stream for bass. Did good below Paris dam for bass before.
  10. End of quarry rd. Have Lake Erie and quarry to chose from.
  11. Same Here go to the in laws in the falls watch the camara on the bridge when clear head to senaca one stop just in ny. Take 4 cans plus empty truck equal 200 L @ about 98 c a L saves me enough money. Only takes 10 min. If they pull you in pay because it’s just the gst. Not carbon tax hst and all the other taxes.
  12. I was thinking about the boa system than thought what if the brake far upstream. And then thought laces have be around for 100s years and can always be fixed streamside. Went with laces again.
  13. Ours gets gone through all the time. Gang of people one in a car following as they walk the street looking for stuff if someone see they jump in the car and they are gone. Best is leave open and leave nothing for them to take then they don’t smash the windows.
  14. Look up this website called muskoka water web. There is a section that you can look up lakes in the region and it tells you the size depth fish species
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