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  1. Different rules for different rich people
  2. Nice fish.Wish I wasn't so busy at work.Heading out tomorrow for the second time this year.
  3. WELL SAID Jwl1. sorry commented on the wrong post.
  4. Smerchy. I didn't even see any gobies on the camera just big carp swimming by.
  5. I was down there today and last week with the boat and did not see any walleye yet.Marked lots of fish on the finder but when I lowered my camera all I saw were carp.
  6. It was a little slow on Saturday at the bar but managed landing 3 fish.The river was good for browns and steelhead.
  7. Hey Smerchly.If you still need parts a customer of mine is buying another van and using his for parts so maybe there's some parts for you.
  8. Anyone got any idea whats the lower river condition like.I'm dying to go fishing tomorrow.Even bass on the USA would work for me but I thinks its going to be windy.
  9. That changed a few years ago.
  10. I was there.Biggest was just under 10lbs.Boat anglers only derby.
  11. i agree with ya fish farmer
  12. I was thinking of the same thing dave524
  13. weedliner


    sounds like a good deal
  14. No I didn't go i'm thinking maybe this weekend coming up.Bronte has good ice fishing now and the water is open just east of the boat launch to the pier.
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