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  1. Heading to Thornbury in a couple of week anybody fished this area of Georgian Bay what can I expect. Any ideas what to target or area to key in on. Never been there before looking for any info as I will only have the weekend to take my son out. Thanks
  2. All you need Lucky Strike victor spoon $2.99 for 2 with a worm and a couple split shots will catch everything
  3. Fished out of Merland Park out to Hay Bay
  4. Just had the best fishing week of my life at the Bay of Quinte 6.6 and 4.2 were my best fish but lots of 2.5 -3.5. Was catch and release pretty well all weak. What a blast
  5. the boaters exam hopefully gives some boaters some general knowledge, that's the best it will get as far as boat ramps, as I sit and wait and watch some of the best entertainment of the day hopefully those who are new to the boating experience gain the knowledge but there will always be more newbies and then there are the Knuckleheads In 35 years I haven't seen it change, boating licence or not
  6. thanks guys for the information cdnvizsla great suggestion found the switch works fine, turned out to be a magnet issue. thanks again
  7. Have a set of Walker downriggers and one of them, the auto stop is not working. If I play with the micro switch I can hear the relay working so I figure I could replace the micro switch but it would appear with all my searching this switch is not available If anyone has experienced this issue and knows of a place to source the part I would appreciate any suggestions. thanks Waterjockey
  8. Emily Provincial Park the fishing is great for the whole family
  9. like the site, like the sub forms, not so sure I agree with the quota to access some of the sub forms always makes me feel like "Ive got A secret your not welcome to hear it"
  10. check out Wolseley Lodge they have several packages, also access to Wolseley river, which is great for kayak or canoe, the fishing was good just about every where I went. Meals were great
  11. My opinion is this, my local B&T,s provide me with all my Live bait, if I was to purchase my tackle needs from the big box store my B&T's may not survive. Where do you go for bait? As Big Dog mentioned its nice to go to the B&T and receive the personal greets get the local updates what is happening. Support your local B&T Note: On most occasions the B&T's will match the price within a few dollars or better. Considering the time and distance for me to get to the big box stores the Locals will get my $$$$
  12. great story to here God bless the Court Rose and Bill's of the world
  13. Thanks Fish Farmer, my boat is 14 years old and checked my licence expecting it to be expired, but still have 2 years left was issued 2007 ( had it renewed for change of address) one of those things I just wouldn't think about, thanks for the reminder. Can you remind me in 2 years?? I think its, too many aluminum cans
  14. Nothing against the big box stores, but you wont get live bait there or the local day to day fishing info. Support your local Bait and tackle shops, oh and by the way haven't seen the big box store open at 5:30 - 6 am
  15. very nice job your buddy will have some great bragging rights with that
  16. Well said Coyotehunter, and keep pounding the drum Jordan
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