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  1. Try the bridge on College. There's almost no car traffic with the golf course being closed.
  2. I know it's hard to see, but there are hundreds of minnows in this little ditch that flows into Black Creek. I've never seen them this far up. At least they're safe from cormorants.
  3. There probably won't be any weeds up yet. The bottom of the canal is pretty much the same everywhere you go. Basically a big wide ditch. Small cranks or spinners may get you some crappie but I think a float may be better this time of year.
  4. Good luck. I had a look at Crystal Beach today and the waves were 8-10 footers. It might take a bit for her to calm down, not to mention the dirty water. Save your time, money and gas and wait for better days IMO.
  5. Holy, Tyler. That's a lot of work.
  6. Get down to DC Smerch. 4" today. Should be 8-10 by Sunday.
  7. So glad that I always fish by myself. Whether it's the canal or the lake I'm most always solitary and any garbage i see by my launch will always come home with me.
  8. Finally got out for some fall perch. First time out since June. It was a little breezy but with a heater it wasn't too bad. Managed to get 11 over 8 inch and probably threw back 75 smaller ones. Non stop action.
  9. Bluegill taste great but I wouldn't eat anything from the Welland River.🤮🤮
  10. Now I really feel good about the $2200 I pay per year at my park on Huron.
  11. $4000??? That's steep. Our park fees are $2200 and we're right on Lake Huron.
  12. Yes. That was across the street from the A&W. The buildings were there for awhile after the gun club shut down.
  13. I grew up in Port Colborne and our house backed onto Killaly St. where the Canada Cement Plant was. I fished those quarries as soon as I was old enough to walk there. As a teenager I was gifted a canoe and a friend and I would portage it through the field to get to the quarry. Back then the water was much higher so there were islands and you could paddle under the train tracks to access either quarry. So much excellent structure for largies. On Saturday and Sunday mornings we would fish and then go around picking up all the floating beer bottles from the previous nights parties. My dad would drive the car over and help us return the bottles for pocket change which we would buy more tackle with. Great memories.
  14. We won't be towing ours. It will at our park once we get a lot in the fall. It's in good shape so we hope to use it in our retirement.
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