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  1. What is that fine worth? Does it come along with a criminal record? I fished there lots ...never ran into any authorities of any kind. Thanks for the post.
  2. No peeps tonight, furnace fired back up.
  3. I heard the first calls of the spring peepers last night...hopefully the little buggers don't freeze!
  4. That would be mint...and worth the $120 access fee.
  5. Puff puff pass 👌 Hot potato
  6. Mops, check the Facebook for mike and bev..I think shuttered until middle Jan ..28 days from DEC 14...my bud just booked us middle Feb, south side Nipp...we should be good,I heard the covid19 doesn't like ice fishing!
  7. Ice Fishing Outfitters out of Virginia Beach Facebook posts says they are closed until Jan 28 due to covid lockdown. The rules will change and the way people perceive them will change as the ice builds.
  8. Lol .. Mops is right,perca aka perch! It was a filet going into the beer batter....That's what beer can do for you!
  9. Name that dinner fish
  10. Avondale StDavids usually carries them
  11. where are the seats located 

  12. Can I take a friend fishing in my boat or must that passenger be from my residence? Looking for clarity here,if you can reference that’d be beauty as well ..thanks FF
  13. Does the Detroit get moss like the Niagara ?
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