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  1. Mops, check the Facebook for mike and bev..I think shuttered until middle Jan ..28 days from DEC 14...my bud just booked us middle Feb, south side Nipp...we should be good,I heard the covid19 doesn't like ice fishing!
  2. Ice Fishing Outfitters out of Virginia Beach Facebook posts says they are closed until Jan 28 due to covid lockdown. The rules will change and the way people perceive them will change as the ice builds.
  3. Lol .. Mops is right,perca aka perch! It was a filet going into the beer batter....That's what beer can do for you!
  4. Name that dinner fish
  5. Avondale StDavids usually carries them
  6. Can I take a friend fishing in my boat or must that passenger be from my residence? Looking for clarity here,if you can reference that’d be beauty as well ..thanks FF
  7. Does the Detroit get moss like the Niagara ?
  8. Good question cpt..got to the river today ,June 9th, and the hardware is still there,road down+ramp is open..seems not everyone is as smart as you and I
  9. Loving it smerch,thanks for sharing!
  10. Great report , you’ll get em next time surf n turf!
  11. 7.8 kg maybe? I tend to error on the heavy side when I look at my catch 🤥
  12. Got out on the lower this morning..blockade was off to the side at queenston..mine was first boat down there but there ..was 4 shore anglers there,time 05:30. Nailed two lakers(20 lbs each) and an eye @2 lbs.When I got back to the parking lot,09:30, it was deserted except for my rig and another truck/trailer...and a parks cop. Queenston ramp is closed! Some turd moved the blockade and pulled a steel gate off! After getting my ID ran and a safety compliance audit I was able to leave without a ticket.Im glad the officer was understanding. social distancing does not matter as JWL1 has
  13. Until I hear something official ,I’ll be boating solo unless my kid comes with.Hopefully I get pulled over on the water and I can hear what the authorities have to say about the situation...did I just say that????
  14. I’m with you fish farmer...FISH ON! Can’t wait to get the boat in! Fishing alone. It’s prob $750 to have a partner who doesn’t share address? Not worth the fine . FF
  15. Sobeys has lobster on “special”...$26.44/kg
  16. Beauty! Now wait for the righties to chirp lol good on you
  17. There was a member Fishguy85,he Came on here all the time complaining of a guy up there.I wonder if he played a part? Full moon could have had a role too. Fish on
  18. All gun owners need to stick together and speak with one voice. Don't let them divide and conquer. 👍 I doubt anybody will get to keep there newly prohibited guns thru the grandfather clause. So we have the government separating us, shutting businesses down,taking our guns, not accepting hard currency ...anybody else getting a bad feeling here? 🤮
  19. Hit up the LCBO and teller say ,”we are trying to get away from taking cash,just so you know for next time” after I handed her a bunch of bills. Seems the “legal tender” is getting harder to unload.Fed currency , LCBO not accepting...I’m not impressed.Put all your $$$ in the bank and what if the banks go tits? I’m blown away.
  20. Thanks Mark I’ll look for that next yak outting -water was crystal clear..in the 1.5 hours we didn’t travel too far as it was a lazy drift along,get sunburn type of day.we didn’t see any dirty water..not even coming out of these
  21. Anybody bag a turkey? I did see a few blinds when I was travelling around yesterday. 🦃
  22. Son and I got out south of dain 1250m marker and south of that,in our yaks,with minnows, 1.5 hours,no takers no sniffers FF
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