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  1. I've been hunting it for 39 years. taken an absolute ton of birds. But last year was the worst I have ever seen. Hoping its just a cycle that will bounce back. But I hear you, it adds up cost wise.
  2. The reservations are out for Binbrook. Need to be in by August 30th. Last year was pretty poor, wondering if guys will be as anxious to drop cash ahead of time to reserve spots this year?
  3. Sorry for the late report. The ramp at the Pier was a madhouse so we launched for $10 at the trailer park up river. Started from dock and saw two young fellas paddling an older motor boat. Went over and towed them to the pier and were then on our way straight out. Set up in 56 fow. rigger with 200 ft lead, dipseys and small cookies of a planner board. Dragged worm harnesses and body baits. Went 1-2. A 5 lb walley on a J13 orange rapala off an orange dipsey set at #3 140 feet back. We trolled anywhere from 1.5- 2.4. Marked lots but couldnt get the bite. Fished from 4:45pm to 8:30pm. Great time on the water but need more walters! Thanks for the tips on this board, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the information gents. I'll post my results.
  5. Planning to fish for walleye tomorrow in port maitland I have a 23 ft boat and have launches many years ago at the pier ramp but my partner isn't going to be much help. Any other r better ramps near by ? Thanks
  6. Took my son out for a couple hours. First time at Port D in a decade. Drifted the harbor with my 14ft tinny. Caught a spunky male bow coming in around 6lbs. Was caught on a 4 inch pink worm. Great morning in 8 degrees.
  7. Has anyone been out to binbrook for the controlled hunts? If so how have they been, many birds seen? I haven't ha a chance yet.
  8. Took a buddy and my son out for our first trip. Normally fish Lake Ontario but wanted walleye. Fished for 4 hrs and managed two walleye. Used planer boards, large dipseys and riggers. Bottom bouncers with worm harnesses and rippling red fins. Both caught off rigger 10 ft of bottom. In 59 fow. Both rippling red fins with purple color scheme. We will be back.
  9. Went out for a half day charter with Paul. We do 2 a year and as always had a great morning. Boated 1 brown, 4 lakers and 11 bows. The one laker was my buddy's personal best 12.4lbs. Paul taught me a few things as always and was a class act.
  10. I love the pink worms at PD. my brother-in-law and I swear by the 5 inch sluggos and have boated many browns.
  11. sure Cliff post it forme. Sorry, I was out of town. It was a PIG!
  12. Had a fantastic day on the Niagara River with Paul from Castadventures. Largest was my buddies personal best tipping the scales at 12 lbs, while only 28 inches long. Fatest pig I've seen. Slow drifting minnows. Thanks Paul Networthy
  13. Thanks for the report. Looks like a great day!
  14. Fished queenston today (Wednesday). Water conditions were great. Two feet visibility, minimal ice. Bite was avg, managed 4 browns and 3 bows in the boat. Missed too many
  15. fished 9:30-11am in shallow. No luck. Moved to 46 feet and hit 3 lb coho on an orange J-11 off a planner. then hit a 17 lb King off the rigger, down 20 ft on a silver/blue NK spoon. Could see rain all over, but it never hit us. The flies were unreal!!!
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