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  1. When did this all start, you have to ask yourself🙉🙊🙈
  2. Just move the barrier and launch.👍 If you have any trouble park on the entrance of a golf course.👍
  3. Funny you mention the the black Dacron line Smerch, and we use to catch fish on it. Now they want us to use Flora carbon. OH! the good old days👍 Great looking wall Smerch, I bet it makes you reminisce at times
  4. I've never had a problem with OR16's , I know they're a little pricey but Bill's Bait has knockoffs now. 2 for 10.00 Unless your talking about a lure snap, I find the Torpedo stuff pretty good.
  5. I've seen your tackle Bruce and used your jigs, you are with the best of them. Myself and my buddies use your jigs and their great. One thing your ahead of the pack is your homemade preserves 👍
  6. My report, arrived at 7;45 am and was lots out fishing already, got on the ice at the ramp at the yacht club but was sketchy, I wore my high boots didn't brake through. Stayed on the trail going out, not to far, ended up fishing in-front of the club house. Got set up in 15 FOW with one rod with minnows and other jigging with a Buckshot and minnow. I couldn't believe the fish on my sonar screen, marks kept coming and going but not interested in what I had. Lots of people were coming and going all the time I was there. I had enough, and left at 3;15 not one tap. I talked to a few guys that
  7. Hope I can give you a report Smerch. My old bones are hurting today from my snow work out yesterday also. Heading out soon.
  8. Little sip of Fireball or Brandy would be nice, a little I said😀
  9. Smerch go to your Windows Accessories and use the Sniping Tool, I stuck it on my bottom bar, you can copy anything on your monitor as a jpeg file.
  10. I have the Helix 7 DI and love it very user friendly. Only thing I find the down imaging is a gimmick, I have it turned off on my views. Only screens I use is split screen GPS and Finder, Zoom Split, whole GPS, Whole Depth. I think Dave ( rbrwrm ) will agree. Only thing I wish I had bought was the Helix 9 because it has 2 card slots.
  11. Yes I would look for a 100' cable 10' or less is from your unit to where camera enters the water, so you lose 10' or less there.
  12. Mine is the same as Gil, now it sits in my basement collecting dust. The new ones are better and colored, make sure you get 100' cable, my old AquaView has only 50' cable, Black&White tube. On a few ice fishing bus trips it rescued a lot of fishing rods, It keeps kids amused, young and older.😀 As Gil says it's a learning tool, watching fish and how they react to your bait.
  13. If they lock down I can see it after because they want you to spend, then after sit home and worry about paying😱😪😀
  14. I have the plus and there is a lot of flaws in it not very accurate. Depths are way off and chart images. Trolling on the grand river it shows me trolling on land. A lake I fish up north shows a sunken island about a 1000 yards off from where it is.
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