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  1. Float fish roe bags in natural colours. I fish there a lot. 5 min away. fish the south side of the peace bridge
  2. You can eat bluegills?? never heard of anyone eating them before. Ever. they taste ok?
  3. cplummer


    Crap just got this message now or I would have. I fish there alot
  4. cplummer


    Float fish just south of the peace bridge Dave. Water is clear. Small roe bags. You will see the rocks just cast to the other side of them
  5. cplummer


    Kind of early for steelhead yet on the lower Dave. Early Nov they show up Might get the odd one there possibly a brown
  6. huh he is a gynaecologist? they have tunnel vision
  7. Im in text my phone. I can go almost any day 289-321-0631 Cliff
  8. I need to edit my boat ad as I forgot a couple of things,but it says it needs a moderator,, and wont let me edit.

  9. Great guy and reasonable. I fished with him 25 years ago on scugog his prices are awesome
  10. Lorette marine fort Erie. The best and most reliable hands down
  11. A relic wearing a relic lol
  12. Wonder if they tossed trout in at st johns
  13. My 14’ tinnier was rockin in those waves
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