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  1. I really hate the culture of pussification that we have decended into. Just put some signes up that say 'Structural Damage - Use At Your Own Risk'. It is probably 100X more dangerous to walk along the rocks that protect the shoreline in so many places. Might as well ban access to the entire shoreline and all piers and docks for fear that someone might fall in and drown. Yet another precious spot lost for those of us without a boat....Ridiculous!
  2. davincan


    I caught a really nice one last April in the Welland River. Use cut bait in the slowest water you can find.
  3. Worst purchse I made wasn't a big one...it was the Banjo Minnow (as seen on TV). The first, and last, infomercial lure for me. NOTHING bites these things!! Not sure why I haven't thrown them out yet...the bloody things are still in my tackle tote! Anyone want them...you can have them for just 3 easy payments of $9.99!!
  4. I used to live in Port Weller East. There were skunks, possum, ground hogs, rabbits, raccoon, fox, and more stray cats than I could count. One spring a pack of coyotes moved into the area and patrolled the streets at night. By the end of the summer you couldn't find any of those critters...they ate EVERYTHING. Then they moved on. I thought is was great to see how they saw the opportunity, took advantage of it, and moved on to greener pastures....and did us all a favor in the process. There is a place for them if the population is controlled.
  5. Great thread..thanks for clearing this up folks!
  6. The cougar in that story sounds too comfortable with human activity to be wild. I am betting it was someone's caged pet at some point.
  7. Occam's Razor. Surely a buck made these markings and the scat is that of a coyote.
  8. Try the Welland River on Merrit Island. There are a couple of relaxing spots to fish there and plenty of fish will take a simple worm and hook presentation; and if the kiddies get bored there is a playground within site of the fishing spots so you can let them run while you continue to relax and fish!
  9. davincan


    I caught one of these last week for the first time in my life. Had no idea what it was so I put it back. Later learned it was an invasive species so I regretted letting it go. Well, my sons and I returned to the very same spot yesterday and low and behold one of my boys caught it again; in the exact same place using the exact same bait. I am 99% sure it is the exact same fish! Anyway...this one is turtle food now...seems a shame...such a pretty fish!
  10. davincan


    Try Martindale Pond
  11. Nice day on the river! Was out with my two sons (shore fishing) yesterday...got a few Channel cats, a drum, a silver bass and a bullhead. Never know what will bite next! Been meaning to drop our canoe in there but those boats speeding by all of the time have me very hesitant to do.
  12. Very nice Walleye! Oh, if I could just get into some of those from shore!
  13. All I know is I can't seem to get away with 5 minutes of unpaid parking before the meter-maid buggers give me a ticket! If we could divert 10% of that kind of effort into giving out tickets for littering in some of our parks and recreation areas the issue would go away pretty quickly! Yet I don't think I have ever seen a bylaw enforcement officer while I was fishing?
  14. Beauty of a snake! I haven't been lucky enough to see one of these alive yet...just road kill.
  15. That is why we love to fish it. You just never know what you will reel in next!
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