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    Fresh Fish got a reaction from smerchly in Under water flush light   
    Thanks for the post  Smerchly!
    It was upper niagara river train bridger..
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    Fresh Fish got a reaction from smerchly in Where Can I Find Catfish/Pike/Bass in St. Catharines/Thorold   
    Port D has every thing.
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    Fresh Fish got a reaction from smerchly in Rain!!!   
    i know.....just want to see it higher
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    Fresh Fish reacted to smerchly in Rain!!!   
    Controlled at Allanburg  at the canal , and by the hydro dams at the 12 Mile .  They have been keeping a pretty steady water level there .
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    Fresh Fish reacted to possem in Any alga in the water?   
    It's too early for a bloom but I am sure it will happen mid to late July if we get another warm year. I was out of maitland a few days ago.  Water temp was 51 and the water was nice and clear when you got away from the mud
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    Fresh Fish got a reaction from smerchly in night fishing   
    As I know it's not allowed.  
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    Fresh Fish reacted to Centre_Pin_Assasin in Winds On Erie   
    Verado buddy. I understand your asking a question and we are all glad to help but take some time look at a map know your N,S,E,W and guess what you think would be the best wind. Its very simple man. Also this is very important when fishing especially on the great lakes because winds can change instantly and get bad quick if you cant tell before it gets bad then you are putting your life and anyone in your boats life in danger. But to answer your question on our side of Erie we launch on the north side of the lake. West is to the right, east is Buffalo, and south is Hamburg NY. Any wind 10k or greater from south, south west, or west is not good. Wind from the north east, north west no greater than 15k is doable pending on boat. any wind north is great great less than 15k. obviously less is best. Thats my opinion with my boat. You may have a deeper V than me and can brave more. Aslo east wind at crystal beach is a rough launch and retriev keep that in mind as well. Good luck be safe
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    Fresh Fish reacted to smerchly in Lake Erie Turn Over?   
    when it's cloudy you will not see much ......
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    Fresh Fish reacted to jordanl in Lake Erie Turn Over?   
    Go on Google. Type in lake erie sattalite image. Should be the first one
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    Fresh Fish reacted to smerchly in Lake Erie Bass   
    Here's the whole ball of wax from cleaning to final resting place , using a "white bass" which has a prominent "mud line"......
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    Fresh Fish reacted to bigdog in Point Abino Marina Closed For All Fishing!   
    Just wanted to put a huge thanks out to the maroon who cast at a boat entering the Point Abino marina, wrapped the line around the CB antenna, hooked a passenger and made a huge mess of things. I'm pretty sure they were a novice angler at best and it was an errant cast, but why in the name of all that is holy would you cast as a boat is entering the marina, across the channel. How many times were you dropped on your head! Thanks for getting the fishing closed down permanently. I fished there for the 30+ years and you really burned my honey hole. We are our own worst enemies. Talk about a lack of respect to private property...leaving garbage, fishing in No Fishing Zones and now not giving boaters the right of way. I would ban us too.
    ...and so, another piece of sacred ground has been salted. I don't care who you are or what your angling ability is, common courtesy and respect go a lot further than playing dumb and hoping for the best. Protect your honey holes like never before...if they see you catching, you know they coming back. If you see someone roll up on your good spot, play dumb, pack it up and bust out, don't give up anything!
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    Fresh Fish got a reaction from Dan Andrews in What Do You Do If You See Lampetra?   
    It was swimming in the water...very close to the bank....over one feet long and ugly looking in brown color.
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    Fresh Fish reacted to WalleyeChaser in Port Dalhousie / Martindale Pond Fishing In The Spring?   
    Was at beaverdams the other nite and a fight almost happened bcuz three individuals were targeting bass. One guy confronted the three guys n advised them to stop fishing for bass as there oos and the three guys told em where to go.That didnt go over to well. In the end the three guys left but im sure theyll continue to target oos fish. People that arnt real fisherman dont seem to care and yet us fisherman pay the price. Smaller limits,slot sizes,places being fenced off. Its bullsh!t
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    Fresh Fish reacted to kwikfish in Novemember Bass Fishing   
    Generally no shallower than 25, I am primarily fishing 30-40 during late October until Dec...always exceptions
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    Fresh Fish reacted to smerchly in Anyone See This?   
    Parents should have the right to opt out of these "teachings" , it may encourage the kids to start "experimenting" at an earlier age , or have the option to send the kids to alternate schools that leave the sex classes to the parents .
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    Fresh Fish reacted to jordanl in Eyes Are Gone~   
    a guide i follow on instagram has been doing great on eyes, i think you just need to start moving around to find them
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    Fresh Fish got a reaction from AwolRJ in Asian Carp   
    well,the war against Asian carp has failed in US because the big guy too greedy: US gove spent tons of money on building dams / electric devices , these money goes to the big companies.
    If the US gove. pays $1 for each fish, the poor people gets the money , and the fish would not last long....a much cheaper way.
    This is all about politics.
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    Fresh Fish got a reaction from Bassman101 in Faywell Road   
    Any one got crappie in lake Gibson?
    I know that the small part of the lake contents the fish, but I left it for kids.
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    Fresh Fish reacted to xltfast1 in Smelting at Ramey's Bend   
    Ramey's bend is in Port Colborne, on the East side of the canal. The easiest way to describe how to get there is while on Main St in Port head for the canal, once on the east side, head North on Barber until you hit the baricade in the road. (if you need a map, PM me your e-mail and I'll send one to you)
    I use a very simple set-up, a line with two small barbless hooks (worn shank type) and for bait you can cut up a minnow into pieces or whatever else you want to use. Fish are a few inches below the ice, no need to go deep.
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    Fresh Fish reacted to pauly in Too Cold?   
    Yes. Our shallow fish we have been targeting lately have not been overly aggressive. We can see them actually. At these times we always seek out deeper fish that may be more aggressive. We often return to the shallower fish to see if they have decided to be more aggressive. My son and I are fishing 20 to 30 feet of water on the upper and are doing very well. Certain drifts hold fish consistently and we are targeting those fish. We'll do several drifts and catch a dozen or so fish. That being said, we also have 14-16 foot drifts that hold fish, but we have had outstanding luck fishing deep lately. Deep is not just a "fall" thing whether it be on the lake or river. I'm actually fishing 35-40 feet of water on the upper and some tributaries right now targeting smallies feeding on pods of baitfish-that bite has been on all summer. Good luck!
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    Fresh Fish reacted to fish4life82 in Lake Turnover?   
    Yesterday the water temperature was down 5 degrees from the week before. Most fish we saw, caught ad saw others catch we're in 10-15 FOW. It was also an east wind yesterday which as the story goes east is least.
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