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  1. Contacted them numerous times about getting a boat earlier in the season with no response. That’s the only input I have on the matter. Goodluck with the engine though.
  2. im having a hard time with bass this year aswell.. ive caught a few but they are few and far between. Strange year.
  3. thanks for the response! Been researching quite a bit myself and have some of the gear, others will be bought fairly soon. Appreciate the help!
  4. Congrats on the win tyler! I would love nothing more then to enter such contests but im not sure my wife would allow me to fish 12 hrs straight without a divorce haha. Keep us in the loop for round 3..
  5. Thanks! just sent a message seeing what i should start out with.. any reccomendations?
  6. That helps quite a bit. I’ll be trying that for sure. Thanks for the help.
  7. Yea I’ve been fishing the upper pretty heavily lately. I’m thinking maybe I’m not throwing the right presentations or something ? But also would love to upgrade to some musky specific gear but not sure what.
  8. Good to know it’s not just me having no luck. That used to be my go to if I wanted to fish bass. I’m going to be headed out a bunch after work this week and hopefully figure it out.
  9. Hope that works because I’m not catching any bass either hahah
  10. Welland river, Niagara river, even opted to try Jordan by the ship nada. I think I’m cursed by fishing Kawarthas bass opener lol.
  11. Alright so now that I’ve got my trout / salmon fix for awhile I’m hoping to fish the Niagara river for the elusive musky. Never landed one, lost a few bank side / canoe side up north but have never had the chance to land one. Anyone target these regularly and willing to lend some info ? Just colours / lures that have worked in the past? That and what type of musky rod / reel should I be looking into. We do an annual trip to the French river to chase pike and musky and it’s my first year with my boat so I want to go gear heavy this year which means I need some new rods / reels / lures. I plan on stopping in at Pete’s and asking but figured I’d ask here anyways. If you don’t want to post publicly that’s cool shoot me a message if you don’t mind. Not looking for spots, more or less rod / reel info and what lures have worked around here to get me off on the right foot.
  12. I’ve been skunked around here for bass. Can’t seem to figure them out this year and I know that’s not saying much but I fished a solid 20 hours the last week with not a single hit. Marking a ton of fish nothing taking. Worms and all ? I’m starting to think it’s the angler not the fish. Lol
  13. Pete’s is awesome! When I got into carp fishing that was my first stop, and they out fitted me with the basics I needed to get started and then went from there. Bought my kayak and stopped In again and got the knowledge I needed for rod / reel / lures to use for martindale pond. Bought my boat and again stopped in and had some great convos about what type of trolling gear I wanted colours rods reels etc. Staff are awesome. If you feel like driving grimsby tackle out on hwy 8 are great guys too. More geared toward trolling big water but they do have a little bit of everything and super easy to talk to. Hope this helps. posting on here helps aswell as searching the site. I spend a good amount of time looking through older posts reading and researching In my down time to figure out what might work or not work at what time of year. I’ve been successful reading through fishing reports from years past at the same time of year I’m fishing to see what worked and try that and go from there.
  14. Dam rookies, next thing you know Smerch will be a rookie too.
  15. Thanks Daniel! I’ll put it on the list of things to check out. First time camping with the whole family usually I go solo back country so it should be fun
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