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  1. Just got off the lake. Didn’t get anything and the rollers are getting bad. Launched out of Jordan trolled to just past cdp and rolled the rollers back. Little hairy.
  2. Those are some amazing fish Smerch and Tyler! Congrats. All I’ve got is the stripes when I’ve been out for carp. Did get into some salmon though so I guess I can’t complain to Much.
  3. Very nice fish Tyler! Congrats.. hoping to dust off the carp gear this weekend see what we can do.
  4. Took my oldest boy out with me yesterday afternoon for our maiden voyage in the new to us 16' Misty River boat. We decided to hit the welland river due to it being my first time launching the boat and wasnt about to get into the shenanigans at St Cath game and fish ramp. Pulled in, 4 jet skis coming out, a boat just launched and one pulled in right behind us. Great... looking for a quiet launch for a first time and its busy, either way we drove the 40 mins we were getting her in the water. Launch the boat without to much trouble or so I thought. I went through my pre-launch checklist had every
  5. Tons of boats just out from NOTL today, prob 15 boats all in a cluster.. looked real nice out there today
  6. There is no such thing as to much gear.
  7. Call me a rookie or uninformed, but why is there an early bass season this year? is this something new? Im not interested in pulling bass off beds so im kinda confused as to why its open early.
  8. Found a nice boat launch for the welland River today I might try and see what can be had. Dust off the carp gear and have some fun
  9. I know I used to launch in NOTL and cruise the mouth of the river from lake O right past NOTL sailing club and got some decent bass in the summer time. Im still not sure what is the Lower / Upper to be honest LOL! But I found if you cruise past the sailing club and paddle out 10 to 15 yards there is a change in current and you can drift back on a nice day. Very little paddling or peddling.
  10. Is it feasible? worth while? topic says it all.. Still love to carp fish, but with me buying my boat now I'm looking for every excuse to get it out onto the water and chase all sorts of different things! Ive been thinking maybe fly fishing back into jordan harbour against the lilypads from the boat? anyone tried it? ive tried in the kayak before no success but I dont want to put the carp gear down and let it collect dust now that im off shore. Anyone have any insights or thoughts?
  11. Sounds like a great day out! Congrats on the fish! I’m hoping to get out tonight I’ll make sure to bring the tick spray with me.
  12. Looks like a nice day out. I’m hoping to get out tonight.
  13. I think with the 3 rod setups, you may see some bigger PB with more chum / lines in the water... one can only hope anyways.
  14. Your wise beyond your years Smerch! thanks for the info its going right into the playbook, maybe just maybe get out fishing this week..lol
  15. I am in need of some pointers Smerch! everytime I get ready to go, its like "oh ... but I thought we were doing this today.. "
  16. looks like a nice spot, just need the weather to make up its mind. These swings in temp are really frustrating. Might try and get out today myself thats if the wife doesnt have a honey do list
  17. Not at all, just been super busy starting up my own company and family and life and what not. Still hoping to hit the banks this spring
  18. We got our annual trip to welcome lake in algonquin booked already for trout opener. I grabbed a cottage for a week in August aswell. grabbed a site in arrowhead for the family for a week in july aswell. The nice weather cant come soon enough. Side note: 2 years of research and going back and forth I think I finally pulled the trigger on my boat.
  19. I pulled 2 bags out of the freezer earlier this week because I was planning on getting out on Wednesday. Left them on top of the freezer just found them last night when I went back down stairs. They seem kinda moldy. Lol think they would still work? Or am I better to just toss it and use other bags.
  20. To be honest I always found corn flavoured pop ups / boilies mixed with whatever scent I use in my maize works the best for me. In a pinch I’ll use frozen corn but if I know a few days out that I’m going, it’s either a corn meal pack bait and a boilie / pop up for the hook bait, or the boilie / pop up as hook bait and maize as chum. Haven’t fished solo corn mixture probably since i first started carping. Thanks for the info though. Very insightful !
  21. I actually picked up 2 rod holders for surf fishing in Florida which has a huge spike in it. Never thought to use it for carp fishing.
  22. Yea I am concerned about breach of privacy with that app. I’m sure the intentions are good and it may help people but I’ll pass on the app and go about my business like I have since the pandemic hit. Limit my time in stores wear a mask social distance etc.
  23. St. John’s is great for young kids. Tons of pan fish (almost every cast) and the water is maybe 5ft deep in the middle ? Fireman’s park is another good one. Beaverdams along marlatts rd is a popular spot for people with relatively safe conditions. Hope this helps.
  24. How old is your daughter ? No one is about to give up hot spots in a public forum. As to actual spots for kids to fish I would recommend fireman’s park or St. John’s. Easily accessible and bass / pan fish can be caught quite easily. As for largemouth bass specifically I would look into spots on Martindale pond is your best bet but that’s about all I got for you. Your going to have to try your luck on the bank and find your spots. Hope this helps.
  25. Finally picked out a new truck for myself. Been 7 years since I sold my last truck and bought a mini van -.- finally got my truck back! If you see it parked don’t be afraid to come and chit chat on the bank!
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