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  1. I live in rural NOTL. Everyone now has cameras and security systems because all the break-ins. A few years ago there was no need to lock your doors, sad times.
  2. When I lived in T.O. there were a few otters that lived in humber bay. You would see them eating fish along the rocks every now and then.
  3. I had it when I was in Kentucky this summer. Lots of bones but the meat was ok.
  4. Keep the internet. Get something like Ooma for your phone and get an android box with Kodi. Kodi will provide you with all the sports, tv, movies for free.
  5. Great video. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I remember reading that there is very little plant life in the reservoir. Do they use herbicides/algaecides ?
  7. Nice ! Interesting pattern on the first fish.
  8. Have a windmill and bubbler but it couldn't keep up with the low temps this February.
  9. This spring I had a pretty bad winter kill in my pond. I lost all of my bass and most of the other pan fish. It seems like these little buggers (probably brought in by the herons or ducks) are taking over. Is this a fathead minnow in spawning colours?
  10. Can't wait for BPS to open. Love the Vaughan store. The world will go on and properly run small businesses will continue to thrive. From what I've seen Peter's tackle could use a kick in the butt. Service isn't always that great (maybe because I'm not a regular), the store itself could use some updating and their web site looks like something out of the 1996.
  11. Bull sharks can survive in fresh water and have been known to travel far distances inland. It would be cool if the tape is real.
  12. I guess all the yuppies in Toronto who are installing penny floors should be locked up.
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