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  1. Looks like an awesome day on the water !!
  2. ice_man

    Best Day !

    Nothing beats the look on your son's face when he catches a nice fish....that's why I take mine fishing every chance I can
  3. What lakes did you fish? I am going to Moore Lake in Haliburton on Saturday for a week. Will post pics when I get back...
  4. Trolling the Grand River with my buddy last night around 10pm and see another boat trolling towards us. Goes by us about a foot from our boat and immediately cuts behind us after passing us. Needless to say both our lines got caught up in the prop of the other boat and got cut off losing very expensive lures. Gunned the boat around and confronted them and they couldn't believe that they did something wrong, but were very apologetic. How stupid can people be?? I lost my favourite lure that is irreplaceable. Of all the hundreds of lures I have, that is the one I would choose to keep. Then
  5. I couldn't agree more. Got up early and took my son there fishing for the kids tourney. He caught a few nice fish, won a nice rod/reel combo, free hot dog and drink, etc... I couldn't have asked for a better father's day morning than fishing with my son. Thanks to the organizers for running a great tourney for the kids !!!!!!
  6. Nice, book me the next flight to Italy....
  7. I am sure the lake will be beautiful this weekend since I winterized my boat yesterday....lol If you get out, good luck
  8. ice_man

    Pb Musky

    Awesome fish....congrats
  9. Some nice fish there... I will be out there tomorrow....I can hardly wait !!!!
  10. First of all I want to thank everyone who helped me out with my earlier post on Port Colborne Walleye Fishing !!! Finally got the boat in the water after a spring and early summer of costly repairs and maintenance on my boat...Put it in last friday with my 6 yr old Cameron and his friend and dad and went fishing for an hour before docking it at Sugarloaf Marina...brought a couple scoops of minnows hoping to get the kids on a school of perch...Used medium action spinning outfit as we were perch fishing...Cameron didn't have his line wet for 5 minutes and hooked into this beauty !!!! Got it in
  11. Been on here alot but this is my first post of hopefully many...Can anyone tell me if the walleye are being caught out of Port Colborne yet? If so, can you give me a general area where they are, and what colours they are biting. Taking my 6 yr old out and he doesn't have a lot of patience yet....lol
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