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  1. I had to renew my boat registration in the last year or two. Process was pretty simple. Can't recall if I actually had to pay anything though. I know I had to take a picture of the boat and email it to them though.
  2. Way too many boats out there this year. Love being pushed into 5 feet of water because someone doesn't want to move from "their" path. Happens all of the time, so I try to avoid shared spots as much as possible. Lots of small walleye (6"ers) being caught this year. More so than I have ever caught.
  3. Yup, sad things is people making these decisions seriously don't understand the implications of their decisions (or they do and don't care because it won't really impact their deep pockets). How hard is it to figure out that if you hit businesses with higher costs (i.e. carbon taxes), they will pass them on to the consumer. No different than minimum wage increases. You drastically change the revenue stream of a company and they will just pass it on.
  4. How much ice is there now? I'll be out tomorrow morning with my son (maybe sons depending on who gets up early enough).
  5. Noticed guys on the Grand this morning in Dunnville. Saw 3 huts down river in the area of the bait shop.
  6. Where is that? Crazy. I usually fish a section of DC that always has less guys, if any. Can't wait. Getting excited to get out fishing.
  7. Looks like it's DC this weekend with the kids for some fishing.
  8. Lots of issues with Port Maitland. It's becoming a resident vs. non-resident thing since there is a lot of frustration from local residents who can't use the facilities because of the influx of visitors. I know it's been brought up at Council already and isn't going away. I hear buses are dropping off large families early in the morning. With the extra visitors also comes extra problems, like garbage and apparently human feces on the ground. It would not surprise me to see something implemented in the future to curb this activity. It would be one thing if the local economy saw a surge visitors, but that isn't the case. This is definitely a powder keg situation and with COVID impacting everyone's activities, it has just been worse this year. I'm avoiding that place like the plague. No pun intended.
  9. Oh,. I don't use that ramp. Never liked it. I use the boat club ramp.
  10. Are you talking about the ramp at the boat club in Dunnville (by old arena)? I surely hope not, because that is a substantial increase from previous seasons.
  11. Haldimand County has prohibited access to all public spaces to recreational activities, meaning no shore fishing unless you own the land. I suspect that other municipalities will do the same.
  12. Interesting... Back when I went to University, the fear mongers called it "Global Warming". I find it interesting that it's changed to "Climate Change", which serves as a better catch-all for anything and everything. I did a lot of research on the topic for a paper. As mentioned above, you'll find just as many scientific papers that don't support the "FACTS". The facts are usually determined by who is paying the bills. Is 40 considered Old Guard? What do I know though? I'm sure I'm just being "negative". That's the new way to push an agenda and counteract people who don't blindly agree. Call them out for being negative.
  13. That was my thought. That catfish could swallow him whole.
  14. I've caught some BIG cats trolling Big Os in the Grand. I've never actually been targeting them, but they smash them.
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