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  1. wilker

    Reg. ?

    You can only use one line west of the glanora fair crossing.
  2. Where do you sell your tackle. I saw some you make excellent lure. thank you for info Wilker.
  3. I saw a hut out on martindale pond yesterday he was out about the idle of the bay.
  4. wilker


    Just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas an a happy holiday.
  5. Happy Canada Day weekend everybody enjoy.
  6. Pauly what papers did he have to have, Was it boat reg. and ownership.
  7. I see a couple of hut out on martindale pond yesterday.
  8. hey Bill watch any of your person information and check any bank or investment accounts. These rat got my credit card one time. Charged 900.00 dollars on it. Took a bit to clear it.
  9. wilker


    Condolences to f the family.
  10. Happy birthday Cliff an many more.
  11. musky-Look on page four of the reg.under concervation lic.that will clear it up for you.
  12. Happy Birthday Denis have a good one.
  13. I stopped by the ramp yesterday and the town was there working on it them. There was a boat trailer in the parking lot must have launched some how, but it looks like its going to be fixed.
  14. My fishing partner is looking to sell his boat, he just in the provess now of making a deal for a new and bigger one. He has a i999 starcraft 17 ft. boat with a 2000 4 stroke 40 hp mercery motor and a trailer all in good shape. If interested let me know I give you his phone number.
  15. what with the rude remarks about port D ignorant fisherman a lot of people read this web site you make us soung like a bunch of clowns, clean up your act friend or go fish some place else I live here and boast about it to a lot of people I meet fishing and dont need it run down by you. good fishing.
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