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    I have a fishing book that says people in England have used maggots since the 17th century. Never tried them myself (kinda gross) but I bet they would work great for pannies and trout. The berkley power maggots are awesome on steelhead so the real thing is probably even better.
  2. Only time I ever needed parts for my 90 Suzuki was when I hit a rock in Waubushene and damaged the lower unit. Took it to Marsh's and was back on the water in just over a week.
  3. I don't understand all the outrage. It's not like numbers of released fish don't die at every single tournament being held. Perhaps not quite to the same degree at this, but anyone who thinks 100% of them survive is horribly, horribly naive.
  4. Suzuki make outstanding engines. I have a 10 year-old 90 hp Suzi on my Smoker Craft (bought from Marsh's in Waubushene), it runs like new even though I put a huge amount of time on it every year from ice-out to freeze up. Always starts right away, idles so quiet you cant hear it, runs smooth as silk, no smoke, no fussing, would buy another one 100%.
  5. Hammered fish today 80 down over 120 off Dalhousie, anything blue and silver. Nothing big but lots of fun for sure.
  6. Boat builders stopped using carpet years ago for exactly this reason. The only place you see it now is on some raised casting decks. Just make sure you get vinyl that's made specifically for exterior use. Otherwise it gets way too hot and gives off a horrible smell for a week so after the first time it sits out in 30C sunshine.
  7. Um .... nice brown, but yeah if you have some good fishing going, it's probably best to not put it all over the internet. Way too many great spots have been closed to fishing altogether this way. I don't fish there so I don't really care .... but just sayin ...
  8. Lund are crap. They used to be really good 20 years ago, but they've cut so many corners to keep making profits even during the recession that they're not even close to what they used to be. Alumacraft are good, Crestliner are good, Starcrafts are good, Princecrafts are good. Lund isn't really bad, but its not worth the huge premium they charge. Today you're paying for the name and that's it. For quality they're about the same as Legend, in fact the Legend might be better.
  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha ..... yeah sure. That was true once but the new ones are crap.
  10. You bought a boat with a 10 year warranty. You got 17 years out of it without any trouble at all. That's pretty good. But nothing lasts forever.
  11. The Raven IM8 is a decent rod, you won't be disappointed. But cancel the order on the Chinese reel and get a good used centerpin instead. Be patient and keep an eye on fishing sites or eBay for a used Islander, Aurora, Raven or Okuma. The Chinese reels never spin properly and have zero resale value. If you get a good used reel, you enjoy using it way more and if you don't like it, you can always put it on eBay and get your money back.
  12. Your ideas are not "patent-pending" until after you have done the paperwork, submitted them to the patent office, had them accepted by the patent office for review, and paid the appropriate fees, which run anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 per item. You should also know that you cannot patent modifications to someone else's product. It has to be your own invention from the ground up. You can't patent someone else's lures that you doctored with stuff you bought at the dollar store. Nice ideas, but people have been doing similar stuff for years. Fishing magazines from the 60s and 70s oft
  13. Exactly what Tyler said. On a big river where the fishing tends to be a little coarser, where you need use floats and a ton of weight and heavier lines, then baitcasting outfits will work fine. But once you get into slower currents, lighter lines and more finesse rigs, you can just forget about it. The tiny diameter of a baitcaster's spool (even the best reels made) won't spin anywhere near as freely as a decent quality centerpin will. And, it will have to spin a whole lot more to let out the same amount of line, which is a major problem on slow drifts. When you need to fish gentle curren
  14. You assume some of these idiots can actually read. Or even bother to look at the regs.
  15. Bananas in the boat? I've always preferred melons, but hey, that's just me.
  16. Symmetre

    Old Lure

    This is correct. Flatfish was first manufactured in 1933 by Helin Tackle Co., and was patented in 1936. Company moved from Detroit to La Salle, Ontario, in the 1940s. In the 1950s they started making some Flatfish out of Tenite (plastic), as it was more durable than wood (esp. with bigger fish like chinooks) but they continued making wood baits into the 1960s. The Helin company folded up in the late 1980s or early 1990s, and the Flatfish was bought by Yakima Baits in Washington State. They still manufacture it today. Kwikfish is a knock-off copy of the Flatfish that came out in the 1970s afte
  17. Once water gets under that plastic it will rot the cork pretty quickly. Get rid of it. Beauty fish.
  18. It is not an Atlantic. Nor is it a male - you can see the eggs spewing out of it in the photo. Congratulations on catching a nice brown trout.
  19. Symmetre

    1 For 2

    Its not an atlantic. Its a brown. You guys need to learn your fish ID.
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