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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Carp Revenge   
    Well , here's the scoop ,long story not short ....Playing with my carp rigs , adding more weight ...1.5 oz egg sinker and hair rig,...sinker rolls off my bench ,hook goes down fast with it catching the tip of my left "typing) finger . I tried to back it out with needle nose pliers ...no go !  Called local walk in , no answer ,call my doc...go to emerg at hospital ( one mile away)  Go through the triage which took 2 hours before being assessed ,then wait for call to see a doctor ( screen said average time to see a doc.is 4  hrs) . It was cold there as I had a light short sleeve shirt ....Finally get called at  9 pm. sent to a 9 x 12 cubicle and meet a tall young intern who said " I see you go to Peter's Tackle ."  I told him I have a "carp" hook in my middle finger ,  he has also caught carp & showed me a picture of one his dad caught & asked me what type of hook it was ...a circle hook ? I said it was a VMVC live bait hook with a small barb that is turned inward slightly .
      "No problem ,will have that hook out in a jiffy "... 30 minutes later a young female doc.looks at it ...will have that hook cut out very soon"  I'm starting to shiver and get light headed , no food since noon , it's now 10 pm. I wait another 15 min.and decide I need to eat /drink so I went to the nurse station (20' away) and asked if I could leave as I have no pain and need to eat and get warmer clothes , & I live 5 minutes away . She said they will be there in 10 minutes & she got me water & a ham sandwich LOL ! 
     Then 2 young female docs. came with all the nasty tools of the trade ..... then the pain began ....a lonnnng needle goes into both sides of the finger near the top knuckle and pushed toward the finger knuckles ...nasty nasty pain !!  Then ....another shot in the tip of the finger which  blew the end up like a golf ball ...pain pain pain !!!  Now , she pushes the hook through the skin to expose the barb , about 1/8" ,then uses a small side cutter to "try" to cut the barb off . I said those hooks are hardened and hard to cut , but she kept trying to cut it and moving the hook in all directions while blood began pouring out all over the pad . The young male doc said  " That isn't going to work , I'll get something else ...came back with "bolt cutters"  lol  This side cutter was stronger and cut the tip off & the hook shank was pulled back out from whence it came... I think they should have cut the shank of the hook after the barb was cut instead of backing the rest of the hook out .After a hasty dressing I was good to go ....until she said you need a tetanus shot which I got a few minutes later ....and did THAT sting !!  My arm is very tender today !  
      The young male doc.said , "fishing for carp tomorrow" ?  I said I'll wait a while... and we have new rules now and he put 3 fingers up ...and I laughed and said "You are well acquainted with carp fishing"  lol
       P.S. ....my daugther Dee (alias "mouse" on NFN will have something to say about the crazy old man & his fish stories"   
    ....a 2 coffee post .....   .....and some gore .....minus the blood .....
      You guys take note !!!  It's not nice to sink a fish hook into your skin , be verrrrry careful  !!  

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    boogaloo reacted to Surf and Turf in Rabbit verses Smerch   
    Smerch, you could have sold tickets to that event for sure!
  3. Haha
    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Rabbit verses Smerch   
    I have my yard fenced well with chain link fence , 1" chicken wire 24" high at the bottom  , some board fencing  , a few sheds , garage , small picket fenced garden which the rabbit could get through but not the dog....
    Yesterday morning ....saw a rabbit in the yard , don't want my elderly dog Maggie chasing it but she got out and the chase was on !!
    I was in bare feet chasing the dog , chasing the rabbit for 15 minutes  before Maggie jumped on it & got a good piece of fur out of it  , then chased it for another 5 minutes with a "beard" hanging from her mouth !  ....then I  finally got Mags in the house using a water can (she hates water) !
    Then , I opened my driveway gate where it may have crawled under (2.5 ") ,also opened up a mutual gate of a neighbour for it to "escape" .
    I chased it for another 10 minutes like a lunatic (on the grass) ..... but it had to many places to out run me . Any neighbours watching would be wondering  ?? 
      I closed up the gates and checked and hour later....no rabbit to be found (must have went back under the gate ! Then I dropped the gate plate to 1"  !!
    This morning ....7:30 am , look outside & see a RABBIT !! Same one ...must have found a place under the deck to  hide ??? 
    Before I let Mags out to pee , I decided to grab my big 30" wide carp net !  I cornered the  (mother) rabbit & it made a quick move to my left ,,,,,
    I did my best hockey goalie block with my left leg while holding the net to my right ....the rabbit then darted to the right ....into the net !!  GOAL !!! 
    In one sweep I lifted it over the 5' chain link fence into the neighbours yard where she has little ones running around ! 
    I'm still sore from yesterday's episode ....and so is Maggie . She saw me and the rabbit out there today and was going nuts inside the house .....
    ...any neighbours who saw this action in my yard must be wondering .......  
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    boogaloo got a reaction from smerchly in Caught Grandma today   
    Great catch Bill. And, you were right, the picture gained a few pounds when I clicked on it. LOL..........Daniel
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    boogaloo reacted to мормышка in to carp fishermen   
    That's good news for sure. I mean why not. Now you can have 3 different bait combinations. 
  6. Haha
    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in to carp fishermen   
    Gunner ...did you think Tyler was  fishing illegally with 3 rods  ?   HAHA 
    When I was fighting my monster carp I  kept looking at mt other rod and hoping it would be quiet !! 
    With 3 rods going  off , the music would be nice , but  I would freak !!  It could get verrry messy  ...HA !   
  7. Haha
    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Cut my grass today ..   
    I put the bag on the gas mower to use some grass cuttings in gardens and to cover some new grass seed ....
    When I removed the bag .....the grass clippings looks like something the Grinch threw up !  
    It seems the smerch put the blade on backwards after sharpening it last week !  
    I'm surprised it cut at all on the back side of the blade !  ...need to get my eyes checked !!     
  8. Haha
    boogaloo reacted to Mbocco in Old tree stand   
    Looks like a double headed something else.  
  9. Haha
    boogaloo reacted to Surf and Turf in Old tree stand   
    Here's a picture of it.

  10. Confused
    boogaloo reacted to Surf and Turf in Old tree stand   
    It doesn't look like we will be hunting that field this year. The son in law of the farmer who owns the land, decided that he now wants to hunt it exclusively. We already took down the two stands we had out there.
    Two years ago my buddy's father was in a tree stand overlooking that field, a van pulls up on the road leading to the park and a guy proceeds to walk across the field up to the base of his stand and starts asking him about hunting etc., buddy's dad is pissed that interrupted his hunt but keep his cool, tells him he's on private property and just buggered up his hunt. He's carrying what appears to be a rifle, which the guy confirms and that he just drove down from Toronto and yes it is a rifle! He proceeds to tell him that it's shotgun only, the guy then says he has a shotgun in his van but no slugs and has the nerve to ask him if can have a couple of his! Now he tells the guy to screw off. The guy leaves, takes off in his van and comes back after 15 minutes and walks back towards to park. No way he had time to buy slugs so a call goes out to the MNR, telling them what happened and the guy is hunting in the park with a rifle. They said the would check it but don't believe that they ever did.
    Buddy also found some little music players scattered around that area around the same time that played what sounded to be Arabic music. Was around the same time he found a double headed boomerang in the same field. If you find another one of those I wouldn't pick it up. 
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    boogaloo reacted to genec in Old tree stand   
    Looks like you are going to need to post your property so all these people know there is a new owner, and you don't want them on there any more if you're going to hunt it!
    otherwise you are going to have continual trespasser problems come fall.
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Caught Grandma today   
    She took the hair rig with the "loop" . I  loaded it with 6 kernels of can corn and squeezed a 1/4" piece of a dried weed stem for the stopper .  
    The other carp hit the 2nd rod with corn directly on the hook . 
    When I hooked both carp I dropped the tip of the other rod into the water ( with the back drag open in case the carp tangles with the other line , it won't drag the rod into the drink  , and It did cross over that line 
    If I click it twice it fills my screen Daniel ...looks like a beluga ......   
    BTW  my new mat is a piece of exercise mat  cut to 24" x 36"  ...it does the job !
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    boogaloo reacted to Tyler0420 in Boat batteries   
    We’ll definitely all meet up when covid allows us to. 
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    boogaloo reacted to Darryl L in Boat batteries   
    When all this covid bullshit is over we should do a get together with all the members. Be nice to put a face to all the names. For the guys who have been on here for a long time, have you guys ever had a get together of this type before ? 
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Boat batteries   
    I'll be "land" fishing there tomorrow .  Re-rigged my deep fishing rods today  for the  shallow water carp .  When my canoe is sea worthy , I'll launch her there and chase the cats , drum or anything with fins .....
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    boogaloo reacted to Mbocco in Boat batteries   
    I’d be in for that too.  I’ve never met any of you.  
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    boogaloo reacted to Tyler0420 in Boat batteries   
    Smerch maybe we can meet up at Jordon one day and you can show me the ropes around there
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    boogaloo reacted to marth11 in Anyone seen a Crappie???   
    I got all mine in February right after ice out. EDIT I hate auto correct. Lol

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    boogaloo reacted to Ross in Anyone seen a Crappie???   
    I caught a couple so far this year. Nothing sizeable...
  20. Sad
    boogaloo reacted to fishingking in Anyone seen a Crappie???   
    I found 11 one day then the next day 4 but a couple small pike rolled in and it doo-doo down....went back a few days later skunked a couple times in a row and that was it for attempting crappies ....
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    boogaloo reacted to Bubba14 in Anyone seen a Crappie???   
    I've only been out a couple of times and seen a big fat zero!
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Finally got a bite   
    Ah ,  so it's a dore` !      
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in St Johns fishing rules   
    There are ponds not too far from there that are spring fed ...maybe specs or bows would survive better . 
    It may be best to put some catfish or carp in St.John's pond , the kids would have a blast catching them , 
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    boogaloo reacted to Flyfisher in Vertical jigging   
    Jigging is productive at the Niagara bar. I’ve caught lots of lakers browns and even some big walleye there. I use 4 and 5 inch white or chartreuse paddle tail swim jigs with half oz heads or drop shot. 
  25. Confused
    boogaloo reacted to мормышка in Concensus ??   
    So you want property tax for a $10,000,000 house? 🤫
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