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    boogaloo reacted to Loonietoon1 in Open Ramps   
    Close ALL AIRPORTS unless Cargo Planes
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    boogaloo reacted to dave524 in Open Ramps   
    Why is everyone so down on Ford ?? but the teflon coated Liberals in Ottawa get a break 😡 They are considering the modern equivalent of the War Measures Act, guess the name of the PM that last used that. Our leftist Liberal loving media is extremely biased against anything or anyone conservative.  https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/anand-doesnt-rule-out-using-canada-emergencies-act-to-help-curb-covid-19-third-wave/ar-BB1fMpBZ?li=AAggNb9
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    boogaloo reacted to Duncan in Open Ramps   
    My Boat goes into the water on the 29 April at Fifty point ,I can live on it if I want but I am not allowed to take it into the lake . So I can stay on my boat at my Berth along with everyone else ,but it’s to dangerous for me to cast off and be in the middle of the lake .
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    boogaloo reacted to мормышка in Open Ramps   
    Dr.'s prescription....MORE fishing!
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Turkey Vulture   
    I would definitely be fishing , but my sciatica told me to cool it for a few more days .......soon M. soon !  
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Turkey Vulture   
    They have been eyeballing me the last couple years  ....      
    I  wear my camo hat and keep on moving .....   
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    boogaloo got a reaction from Tony in Perch   
    Fished the Welland river today ay Rileys bridge. Only 2 tiny Channel Cats. Still looking for Crappies........Daniel
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    boogaloo reacted to мормышка in Queenston is now Closed   
    Pushing the fear is as follows:
    "A DEADLY NOVEL VIRUS is sweeping the planet. NOBODY IS IMMUNE and there is NO CURE. ASYMPTOMATIC people are major drivers of disease. So we have to LOCKDOWN and WEAR MASKS until everybody is VACCINATED. Anybody who challenges this narrative is a danger to society."
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    boogaloo reacted to Tony in Queenston is now Closed   
    I know that it's important to take steps to protect the beauty of Niagara and the surrounding areas, but it's a shame that we are limited to shore fishing spots in the region............For people that only fish from shore (like me), we can't afford to have any more fishing locations taken away from us....................
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    boogaloo reacted to GREYHAWK in Queenston is now Closed   
    Freedom and rights come with responsibilities and right now IMO the factor in all of this is a pandemic which has only gotten worse because too many people tend to think of only themselves. If we followed proper protocols - mask wearing, social distancing , non essential cross regional travelling, limited gathering - a good many activities could still continue, but it appears we are not willing to do that. Try to see the bigger picture in all of this. This stage of the pandemic is far worse than the first when we seemed more willing to follow severe protocols, so why do we whine and wane during a stage that is much more contagious even affecting younger age groups?
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    boogaloo reacted to Bubba14 in Perch   
    I know where you live Bruce, don't mind that white truck following you in the near future...
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    boogaloo reacted to bigugli in Perch   
    Past couple of days, I've manged to find me a couple of feeds, from shore, out on the Welland R. And well away from any crowds.
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    boogaloo reacted to deetch in C C R   
    Do do do looking out my back door........  lol
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    boogaloo reacted to Mbocco in SMELT?   
    Every one of those useless blue masks are made in China 
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in SMELT?   
    Hmmmmm....so it's ok to have shoulder to shoulder crowds and we should stay home ? ......Hmmmmmm 
    Were they wearing masks while dipping their nets ?  Is there a garbage pail there ? I bought some masks a few days ago at CANADIAN tire , supposed to wear only once then discarded . I didn't know until I opened the package of 20 , they are made in China ......NICE !  
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    boogaloo reacted to dave524 in Vintage rods and reels   
    My first spinning reel was an Airex Spinster, made by the people who also made Lionel toy train sets. 
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    boogaloo reacted to мормышка in SMELT?   
    Gee. You think the smelt are in yet? 
    I think I'll take drive down just to see. Maybe be less cars tomorrow?
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    boogaloo got a reaction from мормышка in SMELT?   
    I checked out Queenston launch last night around 8:30. I must be outta my mind. There were more than 50 vehicles down there. Just drove thru and didn't stop. More cars were coming in as I left..............Daniel
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    boogaloo reacted to steelshady in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    On another note, Walley fishing is hot right now on the Detroit River, both from boats and shore around the Ambassador bridge.
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    boogaloo reacted to Ross in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    Fishing is the one hobby that has that major con of more people getting involved... But it's always nice to see more (responsible) people out by the water, the more anglers the better. I'm hoping as the warm days become more common the traffic will spread out more throughout the week at some of the busier, more accessible spots.
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    Those small spots like the GRT  will  be crammed with people as more are getting involved with the outdoors due to the restrictions we have been under the past year or so .  I just drive past those spots now and look for wide open spaces , or take my bike to get to other spots to fish . 
    When I went north for crappies , like 50 years ago , we usually fished at Honey Harbour , also a good place for pike . I caught a larger crappie while trolling/casting  a 11cm Rapala .
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    boogaloo reacted to Ross in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    Seen one pulled out at GRT last week. Gone there a couple times in the last couple weeks and as steelshady said its been packed. I've been searching for other spots...
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    boogaloo reacted to Tyler0420 in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    Anyone fish the canals of lake simcoe for crappies? They should be starting to fill the canals any day now 
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    boogaloo reacted to steelshady in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    Need rain, water is way to low and clear....Some small ones caught at GRT off the bridge but traffic is heavy lol.
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    boogaloo got a reaction from мормышка in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    I have been checking some spots but nada where I've looked...........................Daniel
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