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    boogaloo reacted to мормышка in Anyone seeing Crappies yet??   
    I tried once last week on warmest day, but nothing yet. I'll go back this weekend. My spots usually don't turn on until early May. Is almost like lightswitch. Go one day, nothing, go back next day they're there.
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Vintage rods and reels   
    I bought one soon after using the Compac for a year or so . The Mitchell 300 was THE reel to have  those days . The bail springs were weak and we replaced them periodically .  
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Vintage rods and reels   
    I used one of my old rods with a Pflueger casting reel a few years ago , shore fishing as we did many decades ago . It  was eerie in a way to cast with that short 5'5" ft. rod (with the right hand) and switch over to the left hand to reel in the black line . I was hoping to catch and cat or drum ,etc. and use my thumb to control the drag . 
    .....then my Dad bought me a spinning rod & reel  , made by Compac ....looked like this one ....

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    boogaloo reacted to Surf and Turf in Vintage rods and reels   
    Reminds me of going to to my grandparents house house as a young kid, they had a closed in front porch that was more of a storage shed in use, lots of treasures for a young boy to rummage through. My grandfather had a few old rods like those, one had a big sinker that I managed to hit the neighbours kid in the head with, there was some blood and lots of crying but he eventually healed up. On another visit I dragged out grandpa's golf clubs and the same kid put a ball through another neighbours side window and I took the blame for it. Guess I felt bad about the sinker incident.
    To Smerch's point it's nice to have momentos that bring back memories of days gone by. I have a small pocket knife of my grandfather's that is still one of my most valued possessions.
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    boogaloo reacted to Fish Farmer in Vintage rods and reels   
    Funny you mention the the black Dacron line Smerch, and we use to catch fish on it.
    Now they want us to use Flora carbon.
    OH! the good old days👍
    Great looking wall Smerch, I bet it makes you reminisce at times
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Vintage rods and reels   
    I have a few of those old relics from the 50's , one reel has the old black nylon line on it . They are a great memory of the past days of fishing . I have a rod & reel hanging on my bedroom wall .(Southbend 550) .
      If you have a spot to hang (crisscross) 2 rods and reels with a couple of old lures .....a nice little momento from the days when your Dad had the latest (technology)   
    ...here's one wall of my bedroom ...all 4 walls have fishing/ nature things to remind me why I'm here .....  

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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Hey Smerchly   
    I met a French guy fishing for crappies at the Rec,Canal , many years ago and he was using those eyeless hooks which had a flat shank with tiny ridges . He gave us a few to try and I wondered how to tie them with no eye !  A simple snell knot tightened properly did the trick . 
      Smooth sailing Boogs !
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in SMELT?   
    I have some in the freezer from last year ...covered them with water and will use them for catfish . 
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in SMELT?   
    I had to settle for haddock & chips today ....and it was excellent .   They were very busy there today !  
    Cost me about 12 cents in gas .....    ......
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in SMELT?   
    It's more fun catching them through the ice Daniel ....in just 8 hours you have a nice dinner !  
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in SMELT?   
    Were the crowds there last year Daniel ? Did they block access with the shutdown rules , maybe apply the same this year ?
    I have been watching more video's from the U.S. side & it seems they can use large drag style nets ...didn't see any of those big circular throw nets which may be illegal there .
     This video shows a group of Asian guys doing well and having a good time catching smelts . They have this little ritual of biting the head off a smelt and spitting it out . ( UGHHHH  ! 
    Still getting some good size ones like used to get here at Port Dalhousie .....
    This video is about 2017 Smelt Season, our second trip of the year on April 22, 2017. We were at Park Point, MN by the airport.

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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in SMELT?   
    I watched a few video's on smelt fishing and one spot in Ashland Wisconsin show them using the long poles with cranks like we used in the 50's ...still getting nice smelt there .
    This video shows them using a long 15' drag net in Minnesota  getting some good size smelt but one guy said the catches are smaller and the smelt are smaller in size now ..... and using long nets in Duluth , using an ice sled for container ! 

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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in April 1 st !   
    That was probably a Tasmanian devil Dan , I have heard them down at the creek after dark......   
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    boogaloo reacted to cutthroat dan in April 1 st !   
    Short Hills and Jordan Valley are a couple more tick hotspots 
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    boogaloo reacted to Ross in April 1 st !   
    Canada is actually really bad at testing and detecting/diagnosing Lyme when compared to the states. I’ve read about people who are told they don’t have lyme for quite some time and have to go to doctors in Florida to finally get diagnosed correctly, at a high price of course... 
    it’s a shame too considering how many ticks there are in southern Ontario. 
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in April 1 st !   
    If your find the black legged tick on your body and it has been there a while the tick must be tested if possible . 
    The meds they use have so many bad side effects ,  that mimic the late stages of Lymes .....NOT NICE ! 
    So be vigilant and check closely for them , including the kids , etc. 
    Scroll down to see the bad side effects of this drug .......unbelievable !
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Vaccines and shutdowns   
    It was a bit nippy out there Daniel ,& nice to see you again . I  left shortly after you left to check out another spot which they did some road work and makes it tough to park now ......would need to walk about 200 yds , I was getting chilled so I packed it in . (  north wind about 30 kms)    It's a busy day traffic wise !  Parking lot at Decew  ...(Laura Secord Park & Decew Grist Mill ) were packed .  Better days ahead Daniel !   
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    boogaloo reacted to Surf and Turf in April 1 st !   
    Not to worry on the weather Smerch, I just found out that my boat is stuck in storage until May 1st due as they put it at the back of storage building rather than front like they were supposed too, so April is bound to be a stellar month!  Argh!
    Ticks are scary critters, knock on wood ,the Ultra Shield has kept them at bay so far. With turkey season fast approaching will be putting it to the test soon. I think I would sooner take my chances coming down with COVID than Lyme disease.  
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in April 1 st !   
    Cold , wet , windy ,  snow , covid shutdown announced for 4 weeks , what could go wrong ?   
    Got a message from my daughter who lives south of Trenton in Consecon  .....she plucked a tick from her little dog today !  
    So now we have to watch out for ticks and the covid bug to start the month of April !    Just a heads up , the ticks may be bad this year ....
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    boogaloo reacted to smerchly in Vaccines and shutdowns   
    My carp rods , tackle and net are in the van ready for some action tomorrow Ty..... 
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    boogaloo reacted to Tony in Vaccines and shutdowns   
    Good question....................
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    boogaloo reacted to genec in Vaccines and shutdowns   
    Any ody know if anyone is getting pickerel yet at Ft. Erie by Nichols?
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    boogaloo reacted to Tyler0420 in Vaccines and shutdowns   
    I just ended it before anything started. Wasn’t because of any specific post. 
    Let’s talk fishing 
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    boogaloo reacted to bigugli in Any Neil Fans Here ?   
    And here I was thinking Canadian content like  Neil Young or Neil Peart
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    boogaloo reacted to Darryl L in Vaccines and shutdowns   
    I agree surf and turf. Way too much bickering and arguing about something that has nothing to do about fishing. We all have our own opinions, and let's just leave it at that. 
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