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  1. They should have the same enforcement law type for stunt driving that the MNRF has for game/fish infractions! For them, if you get charged, everything u used to commit the infraction is seized, and, if convicted, the equipment is sold at auction - you don’t get it back! And the MNRF has seized and sold everything up to ATVs, boats, and planes! If a couple of these idiot drivers had their hot rods sold the rest of the idiots might get the message real quick!!
  2. I have personally felt for many years that we have progressed WAY beyond the 18th century need for ”election by representation”. It was a necessity way way back when this country was first developing because of the vast distances, poor, slow transportation, and primitive communication systems, but we have progressed to the point where it is totally unnecessary today. All that we need today is ONE elected representative from each province/territory to propose a list of referendum items each month to be voted on by the entire country, then give everyone a time period (e.g., 7 days) to vote on each proposal electronically. Unfortunately, the politicians will be the LAST people to vote themselves out of existence…its a self-perpetuating curse on the country that we will never get rid of!
  3. Just don’t buy Lund from Pt. Colborne Marine!! Wait weeks with your boat sitting in their yard to get service, then problem not fixed, but BIG bill for their “repairs”!! worst company I have ever dealt with, and once was more than enough!
  4. Is their listed price per EACH, or is it a package?
  5. I thought maize WAS corn…just another name for it. Whats the difference?
  6. Oh to be young and have that amount of stamina!! My old body couldn’t stand to hunt or fish anything for a 12 hour period!!
  7. Im pretty sure it was that cold front that went through that turned them off.
  8. My son, grandson and I went to Pt. Abino this morning to try for some bass, but absolutely nothing - not a single hit. We worked the bay out from the boat club, the point, and west of the point, but nothing. Still, it was a nice morning to get out.
  9. Biggest change I’ve noticed in product downsizing is with the loaves of bread. WAY smaller than they used to be, and the price is way higher!
  10. genec


    You can also catch smallmouth bass in the Welland rec canal from shore. They tend to hang out just on the deep edge of the dropoff from the shallow shore edge. There are usually weed beds just on the dropoff, and thats where the bass hang out. Try floating or shallower running body baits or blade baits. I have caught them on Rapala minnow baits and small blue blade baits. if you wear a pair of rubber boots you can just stand in the water’s edge and avoid more of the shoreline brush as you cast along the dropoff to either side.
  11. Never fished for muskie, but have caught 3 over the years while fishing other species. Personal best was a 54” while fishing for walleye with 8 Lb. line in Georgian Bay outside of Penetang harbour back in 2008. Was amazed I was able to get it to the boat on that light a line. Never even had a camera with us, so only memories.
  12. I had braid one of my spinning reels for a couple of years, and never really liked it! Just replaced it w mono + fluoro leader this morning!
  13. Every year, until this year, I always fished Pt. Abino bay for smallmouth for the first 3 weeks of the season. This year the wind and rain prevented me from getting out. My ONLY go to lure there was trolling a #7 or #9 Rapala Shad Rap in perch finish - it would outfish everything else hands down! And our magic depth was always 10-15 feet of water - we would see a lot of people fishing shallower in there, but we almost always outcaught them. Caught a lot of big smallies that way, many over 4 Lbs., and personal best there was 5 3/4 Lbs.
  14. I figure I have another 5 years left in my 2009 Grand Cherokee (my second Cherokee), and the next Cherokee I buy should last me the rest of my driving years, so I have NO interest in any electric vehicle! Let the yuppies have them.
  15. I have the same type of cart for my fishing kayak in the garage, but the yak is wider than the cart. I use 2 bungee cords to hold the yak on. What I hate about my cart is that the 2 sections kept folding together whenever I went to move the yak, so I cut 2 pieces of 1x2 and cut V-notches in both ends to wedge between the two support arms of the cart. Now its very easy to wheel out of the garage whenever I need to access anything else.
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