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  1. Just read an article the other day that said many European nations are closing their garbage incinerators because they found they aren’t cleaning the burning emissions nearly as well as they were supposed to, and are major polluters!
  2. May not end up being nearly that long if the govt. keeps speeding up vaccine acquisitions, as they seem to be doing lately.
  3. We got our first shot today at the St. Catharines arena. Got to give Niagara Health system kudos for their setup...Very well organized and efficiently run with a LOT of people helping. Our appt. was for 1:20, and by 1:45 we were on our way home.
  4. Thanks Digger! That means I wont lose out on my hunt, since I do hunt alone on a 320 acre family farm, and you can’t “social distance” any better than that!
  5. Just great...if we follow Ford’s lockdown rule we lose out on the first 1/3 of the spring turkey season! Aaaargh!!!
  6. My wife and I get ours on Saturday.
  7. Happy Easter to all!, Just did an outside visit today with two of our kids families. We had our Easter dinner for 2 last night, so we had the time for visits today. Unfortunately, can’t visit the other daughter and family in N B for now.
  8. Any ody know if anyone is getting pickerel yet at Ft. Erie by Nichols?
  9. As someone raised by depression era parents who taught us to eat everything we catch, I just can’t get my head into spending that kind of money to catch inedible fish!! Just the way I was raised!! i know, its fun to catch things....just ???
  10. Bill, I love that cartoon...captures the true “wimp” reaction of the pro players!
  11. Free gas on Hwy 20 east of Fonthill is where I always go. Costco is a great price, but Im not carrying a propane tank that far inside my vehicle just to save a few bucks. There is a place in Welland on. Prince Charles and West Main, but he is more expensive than Free.
  12. My turkey hunt cant start until Monday, April 26 this year, because where I hunt doesnt allow Sunday gun hunting! 😞
  13. You gave to go knock on doors and ask...part if the task every newbie has to do to get places to hunt. Depends on whether you hunt w gun or archery....some landowners may be more willing to let you hunt w archery over a firearm. Just because you dont see any doesnt mean they are absent...at this time of year they are mainly in the forested areas, and may only come out unto the fields for a short period of time to feed. Good luck.
  14. You guys can argue the pros and cons forever and not reach a consensus. But, at age 73, and teaching courses every 2 weeks, even with all the Covid safety protocols I have to follow and can take in my classroom, I still feel I’m at much higher risk than most seniors my age, so I’m jumping at the first chance I can get to be given the vaccine! In the end, its personal choice, and everyone has to make their own decision!!
  15. 4-6 oz?? you deep ocean fishing Tyler?
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