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  1. Seems whoever was closest to Lake Ontario got the most out of this one. We varied between 18-22 inches, depending on area around house.
  2. 18 inches minimum in my area….don’t like having to get the big snowblower out unless I really have to, but sure needed it today!! Now we all sit and wait for a couple of days until the plows do our side streets.
  3. Thats why I bought a big, heavy ice spud a few years ago…first couple of times out each year I always spud my way out from shore…prefer my baths in a warm bathtub!
  4. Don’t know how safe the Grand would be when there was still open water on the rec canal this morning.
  5. The “Weather Network”, Bill, not CHCH. They said a mild, snowy winter. Just glad we are getting this prolonged cold. I put new line on all my ice rods a couple of weeks ago hoping this was coming!
  6. With this prolonged cold weather I guess its really time to dig the hut and ice auger out of the shed. haven’t bothered until now because weather network winter forecast was so discouraging, but they were wrong! 😁
  7. Congrats on filling your tag! You will have lots of good eating there.
  8. Not only Erie, nowhere in Niagara!
  9. Unfortunately, I never had any good fishing days last year. 😞 Had to get rid of my Legend because it became a money pit, and the tin pot we inherited from my cousin was too small to get out for walleye - just did some Pt. Abino bass with it, but that wasn’t very productive for us this year.
  10. Merry Christmas, and I hope everyone has a healthy, Covid-free holiday!
  11. And you have to wonder how many of those drivers went thru one of those “Quickie” driver training schools - I hate driving the thruways now because of all the trucks on them. Always worry that the guy behind me driving the 40 ton rig has had almost no training!
  12. Every photo I've seen of it lately on the news it looks like an eyesore!! They should sink it offshore and turn it into a fish haven reef.
  13. Bill, I was living in Ft. Erie for the blizzard and teaching at Ft. Erie high school at the time. I drove home after the school closed at noon, but ended up going back in at 2:30 when I heard there were still a lot of students stuck there - when I went to go back in the streets were already 2 1/2 feet deep, and I skied in on cross-country skis! we were stuck in there with a lot of students for over a day, until the heating rads all froze up and they had to evacuate everyone because of loss of heat - we all got taken out by snowmobile because it was the only vehicles able to get around. Snow depths around Ft. Erie were phenomenal! Street around corner from my wife’s aunt - when they started clearing snow off streets they found one car sitting on top of another - snow packed so hard driver drove right up on top of another vehicle. After storm ended, one teacher living near the lake went to find a house where radio reports said someone had left a dog behind - they walked up a small drift to see if they could see anything, and found they were standing on the roof of a 2-story house along the lakeshore! A snowmobiler out to deliver medications to a country address stopped and climbed up on a post to try and see a house - he found the “post” he was standing on was the top of a hydro pole!
  14. Re hurricane Hazel - my wife’s parents were in Toronto at the time with a church group. Coming home when the hurricane hit, their bus was the last vehicle to make it across the Don River bridge before it collapsed.
  15. A neat scale Bill. I should grab one of those to put in my turkey fanny pack for turkey hunting.
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