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  1. Ok Bill, you have definitely been in isolation too long...go fishing!!
  2. I did a CTC order on line the other day and dud curbside pickup. Beats the overcrowding Wally World every time!
  3. Just proves that us old fogies have had ample time to master the one-line comeback!
  4. You just need to find phones that are unlocked, so you can install a 7/11 SIM card in it.
  5. Maybe they are discussing whether to fly south, or stay here for the winter and avoid all the Trump quacks!
  6. Went at 11:00 today and fished for 1 1/2 hours with plastics and lures, but no luck. saw 2 other shore fishermen and 4 boats out, but didnt see anything caught. Beats sitting at home though!
  7. Has anyone heard if they are catching any walleye yet in the river by Nicholl’s? thinking of going down and trying next week.
  8. Lmao - Bill using Bruce as an ice spud!! 😎
  9. Guys, this topic is supposed to be on GUNS! you’ve gone totally off topic, and should start another thread on this!
  10. On another note, the Weather Network winter forecast for S. Ont. is not looking very good for ice fishing in Niagara - from mid-January and Feb. supposed to be mild. 😩
  11. John at Erie Marine on Montgomery Rd east of Welland did my motor - charges $80 per hour.
  12. Tyler, where do you usually go to fish on L. simcoe?

    I guess im going to have to think of hauling my gear up there if I want to get any ice fishing this winter.


  13. Got many a turkey over the years from that very spot - just wasnt expecting them to be there this late in the year! that is usually a late spring and early fall roost for them.
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