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  1. I’ve been looking forward to the N. Falls store opening because then we can get to a Costco on country roads without having to endure either city traffic or QEW roads. It has always been a pain driving to the St. kitts store.
  2. So now at least you know what gets the fish to bite.....just keep doing all 3!! 😉
  3. genec


    Maybe an elevator??
  4. Some seem to be in short supply, depending on gauge/caliber. i have heard complaints on another site about shotgun sabot slugs hard to get. personally, I have got so much stuff bought over the years I won’t need anything for a long time!
  5. Foxes do like to play! many years ago, I lived on the outskirts of Fonthill, and a neighbour had a yellow lab dog with a home in a garden shed and a small chain link fence run attached to it. Many nights a fox would come and run circles around the shed and dog run repeatedly for a while just to irritate the dog.
  6. No it’s not, but a jerk on corner of Wilson and Loyalist does it every year! where are bylaw people when want them??
  7. Already have turkey tag...6 of the 20 I saw were nice big gobblers..yum!
  8. Saw 5 does, 20 turkeys, and a coyote this morning, but none close enough for a shot. a nice (but cool) morning to be out!
  9. Just said above...at two clubs...Dunnville DHA and our club in. ft. Erie.
  10. I teach the courses. right now I’m doing several for the Dunnville Hunters and Anglers club, and I also team teach w my partner at our club in Ft. Erie, but we won’t be doing any there until at least November.
  11. Illegal to bait turkey, or ducks/geese. deer ok
  12. Got the recipe for the jerky years ago off a post on the OFAH website - it was called t-birds jerky. Has hot sauce in it, so a bit nippy. I use goose, turkey or venison to make batches each year.
  13. Got out again this morning on family farm...much better hunt. wanted 3 geese to make a batch of goose jerky. 3 shots...3 geese..done by 7:15 - jerky is now brewing!!
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