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  1. With turkey hunting, you want the tightest choke pattern you can get, cause there’s no such thing as too many pellets in the head and neck for a clean kill on a turkey! And shell brand, wad, shot size can all vary greatly in pattern density gun-by-gun, because no 2 guns pattern exactly alike, even with the same choke and brand of ammunition. I tried 3 different specialty turkey chokes before I found one that produced really tight patterns at longer ranges with my gun.
  2. The MNRF regulations allow only shot sizes 4, 5, 6, and 7 to hunt turkey. Since you aim to hit them in the head and neck, the more pellets the better, and the small shot sizes in the turkey loads do the job quite well. Personally, I prefer #6 shot, but when I went to buy a new box last month I could only get #5.
  3. Thanks Bill, and everyone. Bill, I shoot a 12gauge Benelli Nova pump, and used Winchester LongBeard 3 1/2 inch #5 shot. Those loads can reach out a long way and get quick kills!
  4. Finally got a turkey this morning! 19.5 Pounds 9 1/2 inch beard 1 1/2 inch spurs I have been after a flock on the family farm since the 26th, but haven't been able to get close enough for a shot, as they are roosting on the treeline on the east (river) side of a big 15+ acre bean field, and keep flying into the field, and are always out of range. Finally this morning I got up real early and set up quietly along the treeline near the roost. Had this tom fly down at 6:00 and he walked into range within 3 minutes after flying down!
  5. Glad to see you got a bird! I went out this morning, but didn’t see any - just heard a couple of very faint gobbles off in the distance. After 2 hours I moved to another part of the farm and set up inside the bush, tried calling for an hour, but nothing. Will try again Wednesday morning where I heard the gobbles.
  6. I just checked Gas Buddy, and where I filled up this afternoon in Welland for $1.08 it is now $1.02
  7. Every morning Welland is high ($1.20s),but by afternoon it is usually down near $1.10. Just never get gas in the morning in Welland!!
  8. Had to go to N. Falls to pick up a Lee Valley order, so I thought I’d get some cheap gas at Costco. N. Falls city gas price $120.9. Costco price $113.9. Left, and came back to Welland and gassed up at $108.9. 😁
  9. A lot of the Ft. Erie area got closed for hunting many years ago after 2 idiots were shooting deer in a farmers yard. Now, no discharge of a firearm within 300 M of any building!
  10. I do Pt. Abino bay for bass after the opener in my yak.
  11. When I bought my yak I wish I had enough money free to buy the peddle type like u guys have! My Wilderness System Rage is nice, but peddling would be a lot easier for fishing than paddling!
  12. genec

    Open Ramps

    If I had a boat like that I would have it at Sugarloaf in Pt. Colborne so I could fish Erie for pickerel every day!!
  13. After I retired we lived near Midland for 8 years. At first our kids all liked bringing their families up to visit because we were just a 10 minute walk to the neighbourhood beach, but by 2007 they didn’t want to come up much because the 400 traffic was so bad every weekend!! I still remember in 2008 that the 400 highway was listed as the highest volume traffic highway in North America, even outdoing the 12-lane Los Angeles freeway!!
  14. Don’t think you are overstepping at all!! Site members should support a member who has a business, especially in these pandemic times...neighbours helping neighbours. i’m just not into gardening anymore since we moved here...lot too small, and the neighbourhood rabbits would just eat everything I planted anyway!
  15. Just read an article the other day that said many European nations are closing their garbage incinerators because they found they aren’t cleaning the burning emissions nearly as well as they were supposed to, and are major polluters!
  16. May not end up being nearly that long if the govt. keeps speeding up vaccine acquisitions, as they seem to be doing lately.
  17. We got our first shot today at the St. Catharines arena. Got to give Niagara Health system kudos for their setup...Very well organized and efficiently run with a LOT of people helping. Our appt. was for 1:20, and by 1:45 we were on our way home.
  18. Thanks Digger! That means I wont lose out on my hunt, since I do hunt alone on a 320 acre family farm, and you can’t “social distance” any better than that!
  19. Just great...if we follow Ford’s lockdown rule we lose out on the first 1/3 of the spring turkey season! Aaaargh!!!
  20. My wife and I get ours on Saturday.
  21. Happy Easter to all!, Just did an outside visit today with two of our kids families. We had our Easter dinner for 2 last night, so we had the time for visits today. Unfortunately, can’t visit the other daughter and family in N B for now.
  22. Any ody know if anyone is getting pickerel yet at Ft. Erie by Nichols?
  23. As someone raised by depression era parents who taught us to eat everything we catch, I just can’t get my head into spending that kind of money to catch inedible fish!! Just the way I was raised!! i know, its fun to catch things....just ???
  24. Bill, I love that cartoon...captures the true “wimp” reaction of the pro players!
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