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  1. Maybe they are discussing whether to fly south, or stay here for the winter and avoid all the Trump quacks!
  2. Went at 11:00 today and fished for 1 1/2 hours with plastics and lures, but no luck. saw 2 other shore fishermen and 4 boats out, but didnt see anything caught. Beats sitting at home though!
  3. Has anyone heard if they are catching any walleye yet in the river by Nicholl’s? thinking of going down and trying next week.
  4. Lmao - Bill using Bruce as an ice spud!! 😎
  5. Guys, this topic is supposed to be on GUNS! you’ve gone totally off topic, and should start another thread on this!
  6. On another note, the Weather Network winter forecast for S. Ont. is not looking very good for ice fishing in Niagara - from mid-January and Feb. supposed to be mild. 😩
  7. John at Erie Marine on Montgomery Rd east of Welland did my motor - charges $80 per hour.
  8. Tyler, where do you usually go to fish on L. simcoe?

    I guess im going to have to think of hauling my gear up there if I want to get any ice fishing this winter.


  9. Got many a turkey over the years from that very spot - just wasnt expecting them to be there this late in the year! that is usually a late spring and early fall roost for them.
  10. Murphy was against me this morning! Got in very quietly and set up in south end of big bush before daylight, overlooking a wide creek valley in bush where the deer usually walk. It got light, and I found out I had set up right underneath a whole wack of at least 15 roosting turkeys!! They spotted me, and it was a 20 second turkey panic - birds putting, alarm calls, and birds panickly flying in all directions! I figured with all that racket there wouldn't be any deer coming there for a long while, so packed up and went across the road to the 3 hay fields leading to the trees alo
  11. 6 days where i hunt, and orange going over the poncho.
  12. Its the citiots that come out with their smooth soled leather shoes and proceed to slip all over in the rocks...they think everything is like concrete sidewalks to walk on...no brains!
  13. Tomorrow is the start of the second 6-day gun hunt, and what a miserable forecast - precip. amounts for week: 90%, 80%, 80%, 70%, 70%, and 70%!!! I’m glad I have a camo pauncho I can put over my camo 2-piece rainsuit - just might end up needing my chest waders before the week is over!
  14. Yea, I picked the Dec hunt dates as well, mainly because I’d rather get a doe w crossbow if I can. good luck!
  15. You still have 1 1/2 months to hunt with archery!
  16. Had the urge bad to try some fishing, so got up at 6:30 and headed to Ft. Erie to fish the river. Spent over an hour by Nicholls trying a variety of plastics and spoons, but no luck. there were 5 guys already there fishing w minnows when I got there, but none of them caught anything while I was there. Then headed to the old coal docks and tried there for over an hour, but no luck again. There were 9 people fishing there, and some coming and leaving during the hour, but all I saw caught was one 5” perch during the time I was there. In spite of the lack of any luck it w
  17. Way to go! Its nice to fill the tag on the first day out, especially when hunting by yourself! I'm in for the December gun hunt because I like to try as much as possible with my crossbow before resorting to the shotgun. For the month of October I was just concentrating on getting a turkey, but no luck on that.
  18. genec

    Ft. Erie?

    Anyone been fishing the Niagara in Ft. Erie lately from shore? Can’t deer hunt this week as it is first gun hunt week, so with the warmer weather forecast was thinking on trying the river some afternoon in Ft. Erie.
  19. Huge difference though between water quality in the Kawarthas and the Welland River! I personally wouldnt eat anything from the river, considering how much farm runoff empties into it.
  20. I’ve been looking forward to the N. Falls store opening because then we can get to a Costco on country roads without having to endure either city traffic or QEW roads. It has always been a pain driving to the St. kitts store.
  21. So now at least you know what gets the fish to bite.....just keep doing all 3!! 😉
  22. genec


    Maybe an elevator??
  23. Some seem to be in short supply, depending on gauge/caliber. i have heard complaints on another site about shotgun sabot slugs hard to get. personally, I have got so much stuff bought over the years I won’t need anything for a long time!
  24. Foxes do like to play! many years ago, I lived on the outskirts of Fonthill, and a neighbour had a yellow lab dog with a home in a garden shed and a small chain link fence run attached to it. Many nights a fox would come and run circles around the shed and dog run repeatedly for a while just to irritate the dog.
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