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  1. Each day I go to the farm hunting, I have a 55 minute run each way. Glad I got my deer early this year - it saved me a lot of gas money not keeping running there until Xmas!
  2. I paid $132.9 yesterday at Costco, N. Falls. Was $145.9 in Welland.
  3. 15 bags is nothing Bill. Last fall I saw 1 house a couple blocks away from us had over 40 bags out for pickup one week!
  4. Was snowing lightly here in Welland at 8 am
  5. It is not putting "garbage" in the water! The rec canal has a totally flat, featureless bottom. Adding isolated structure elements increases the fish holding structure capability, which can increase the fish populations of a water body. It is a proven workable technique that has been used throughout the US to improve fish holding structure in various inland water bodies. The NPC did it at 3 locations along the upper Niagara River to improve fish habitat a couple of years ago. Just do a Google search for "fish habitat structure" and you will see what I mean.
  6. Bill, christmas trees are only good as fish cover for 1-2 years (research I read about from Georgia when I was putting together my proposal). Once they lose their needles, the fish no longer use them. The best kinds of long term habitat cover is rubber tires, plastic items, or tree limbs. I suggested that Welland use tree limbs, because at the time I presented my proposal Welland was having a major die-off of ash trees, and their would have been lots of limbs available. I also suggested tires, and plastics that were being dropped off at Welland’s land fill site (e.g., old lawn furniture), as they make good long-term cover habitat.
  7. Bill, thats not Welland expansion along Rice Rd., thats Pelham. Their plan is for 5,000 new housing units to eventually go into that area over the next few years! As for the Rec canal, I had submitted a 4-page proposal to Welland city council several years ago to place fish habitat structure at several places in the bottom of the rec canal to improve protective habitat and spawning sites, since the canal bottom is so structureless, but the city never did anything with it. They were interested only in improving the canal for rowing to draw rowing events there, and didn’t care about the local fisherman.
  8. You had good luck there!! Nice catch! Darn, I put my kayak away for the winter too soon!
  9. Nice day Mark. From the trees in the photo, I’m guessing your at Dain City.
  10. What an awesome photo! I remembers driving thru Comox on one B C trip - more deer IN that town than most of us ever see out in the countryside!
  11. When hunting on standard time I have to get up by 4:30 am at the latest to get to my blinds before daylight as I have a 55 minute drive to the farm. So yea Bill, I guess I am showing my age a bit. 😴 I personally like being set up in my blind well before daylight, so I was getting up at 4:30 already for my fall hunting. If I hadn’t gotten my deer already, I’d be getting up now at 3:30 for standard time hunts!
  12. Tender Cuts in Pt. Colborne. My usual butcher wasn’t answering his phone - turned out he had a water problem, and just returned my call after I had taken the deer to Pt. C.
  13. I like DST for morning hunts because you don’t have to get up quite so early.
  14. Got my venison back today from the butcher. Carcass weighed 85 pounds, and I got 48 pounds of boneless meat back, so worked out well. And it really tastes great!
  15. Was a field full of beans next to the field edge where my blind is.
  16. Today was the first day of the controlled gun hunt. I got lucky - at 7:30 I had a big doe come running thru the field and stopped just 40 yards away - bingo! We must be in for a long, cold winter as I have never seen so much fat on a deer before! I was tossing the cut off fat into an 11 litre pail as I worked on her, and by the time I finished had the pail over 80% full.
  17. Ditto! With. 4-wheel drive Jeep Cherokee and good Michelins, I never need snows here in Niagara, cause we tend to get more icy roads than snow. I did put them on my Jeep when we lived near Midland for 8 years, cause they got FAR more snow there.
  18. Way to go!! you will always remember that one.
  19. On Oct. 11 at 11 pm, 2 guys in a red Dodge pickup and 2 guys in a white Dodge pickup broke into the Dunnville Hunters & Anglers fenced compound by cutting the padlock off the chain link gate, then cut 2 locks off our dump trailer and stole it. This is a major loss for our club, as the trailer was worth about $10-12 thousand. If anyone knows any info about this theft, please call the OPP.
  20. No way I could haul my old butt up from the whirlpool. Are there any places in NOTL that you can fish the river from the shore? I’m looking at Google Earth views of NOTL, and it looked like there might be some shore access near the marina or Navy Hall.
  21. I’m assuming you are all talking of fishing the channel at Pt. Dalhousie, but I have never fished there. Since I sold my boat last year I’ve got to start looking for more shore fishing options. Can you park and fish on the east side near the boat ramps - I don’t have a long net for pier fishing. And do you all eat them, or are you just doing catch and release?
  22. Neat video this morning on the Weather Network of an OPP cruiser escorting a moose down the highway near Sudbury, and the moose is following right along like a dog on a leash!
  23. I remember my 1970 Corolla with CTC studded snow tires on it - icy roads were never a problem w it. Also remember sitting in my garage pulling the studs out with pliers, and cursing the govt. with every pulled stud for banning them!!
  24. I had snows on my old Jeep Cherokee when we lived near Midland for 8 years after I retired, and they were needed there in some winters - in 2007-08 winter, snow was almost 5 feet deep everywhere by March 1st! However now, living here, I never bothered buying them for my current Cherokee - just have a good set of Michelin all season tires on it. Nowhere near the same amount of snow down here, and often more icy than snowy road conditions.
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