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  1. I really think Sea Hunt and the Undersea world of Jaques Cousteau were the big influences that actually popularized sport diving. I am a little young to remember Sea Hunts original run, but I am old enough to remember getting in front of the TV every Sunday for Cousteau.
  2. I think a lot of it has to do with this virus. So many summertime activities are canceled this year. Festivals , concerts, and fairs are all off limits. Vacation plans have been cancelled, People are looking for things to do locally outdoors that they can do by themselves or in small groups. I'm seeing a lot of new boats out there, and a lot that may have not been on the water for years. I've also heard swimming pools and bicycles are seeing high demand.
  3. Boat traffic is a concern. Boaters and fishermen don't always respect the float and flag. I prefer to dive mid morning. It gives the early morning fishermen a couple drifts before we hit the water, but still gets us out there when at least most boaters are sober.
  4. Yes we do on occasion. There is one in the beginning of one of the musky clips in this video. They are actually a difficult fish to approach and film. Very motion and exhaust bubble sensitive.
  5. Thank you. In my opinion, the risk of entanglement is too great. I refuse to wear a tether in the river personally. Others do, but I believe they were a factor in two river fatalities I am aware of. In this sport, I feel every diver has to do his own personal thorough risk assessment. I have Opted out of dives because I didn't like the plan. The only line we employ is to our float and flag.
  6. https://youtu.be/N1hrmlhJEC0
  7. https://youtu.be/fJtpKnbpLek
  8. We have seen them early in the season if there are emeralds around, but yeah, I don't really dive until the temp hits the upper 60's these days.
  9. I finally got around to putting some video clips together.
  10. Looking for a fishing report, if anyone's been fishing it. Thanks
  11. Thank you. They won't take right from your hand. You can float them to them. Haven't intentionally fed them in years. A few years back, I had a bass that would follow me the entire time I was in the water if i was anywhere near his area. He had learned that we would spook gobies when we came through. Easy eats. We even named him. He was a beat up old fish, easy to I.D. At the time, I thought he was a giant pain in the butt. An ugly bass photobombing all my shots. Now, I kind of miss him.
  12. That's the line to our float and flag. It's a necessary safety precaution in a river that sees a good amount of boat traffic.
  13. It's been a good summer for both fishing and diving. Here's a look at what's going on in the river. https://youtu.be/Qgs1VCbLwGE
  14. thank you guys. I hope to string together a multi species video for you soon. Of course, with the weather, underwater visibility, and walleye fishing being as good as it has been, I've been spending a lot of my free time on the water and under it. As far as that muskie goes, I never thought it would bump me. I wasn't really pressing it, as it was off to the left of me. He had plenty of room to move, not like it was backed against a rock pile or anything. I had pretty much come to a complete stop at a fair distance from it. The fish seemed to be by itself, (they are bolder when in pairs and groups) it didn't display any real aggressive signs at the start. I look for body language in a musky like you might in an unchained dog. I read curious as it started moving towards me. I don't think it decided to bump me until it was within 2 feet of me. Then it got that look in it's eyes. And yes, floatman, I'm glad it happened, he barely bumped me. That said, if it was world cup soccer, I guess I'd have to flop around on the river bottom like I got shot or something.
  15. A Niagara River muskie had enough of our underwater paparazzi act and takes a run at me. He didn't bite. People always asked me If I was concerned about a muskie attacking me. I would tell them I didn't care as long as I got it on film. I got the shot.
  16. A sturgeon can live as long as a human. Maybe longer. Thanks for releasing him quickly. thank you, and everyone who posted. There are 2 different sturgeon, the crooked one would be about 4 1/2 or so, with chiropractic help, and the other one is over 6ft. If you make you tube videos, there is a lot of good background music people make available for free. You can click on the You Tube creator studio and download it. You don't even have to use their editing program. Just thinking back to when I first started out with this. I had a Hi 8 mm camera and an Ikelite enclosure that was as big as a breadbox. It was 4x as expensive as a current GoPro . Editing was done on a VCR, and if I wanted music, I lost a little more quality because I had to copy my edited cut while playing music into my second VCR with patch cords from the stereo. There was no You Tube at that point. So much better and easier today.
  17. Yes sir, another video of fish doing what they do in the river. This one is from my new GoPro 5, which has image stabilization, a really nice feature when you're trying to film in heavy currents.. If you have any questions, i will try to answer them .Enjoy !
  18. Remember those 35 mm disposable still cameras? There were the "waterproof " ones that worked down to about 20 ft before the buttons jammed up from the pressure. That's all we got for $ 20. Video equipment, phones and computers have made huge leaps in this century. That's why I can't pick on this little camera too much.
  19. I know most of you are not in the market for a sportscam, but we bumped some nice fish while doing this, and I KNOW you guys are interested in that.
  20. Thank you. The musky is the fish I like to film most. We seek drifts where we will contact them. We don't always see one, but more often than not. Nobody was really filming them back when I first started. We had to learn how to get in close to them. Some muskies are afraid, some curious, some friendly, some mean and aggressive. They are a moody creature.
  21. I dove what people called the "Chippewa cut" We dove from the Niagara river in about half a mile. That was before those guys died diving it. I'm not sure it's allowed these days.
  22. Thank you. I'm not very optimistic about that, I always wanted to drift up the niagara bar, like a drift you would take while laker fishing. The weather this season has been particularly poor , not just for diving, but for boating in general. We did some walleye fishing today between the lake and Peace Bridge. We caught some, but took quite a beating from wind and wave. The visibility was poor, and will be worse after the winds forecast for the next few days.
  23. The current 0n the bottom is usually a good bit less than what it is in the middle of the water column, where it is the strongest. the terrain has a great impact on current speed though. Let me explain how this is done. Three of us head out for some diving. 2 dive at a time, and the third guy runs the boat. Everyone does two 30-35 minute dives, so you drive once and dive twice. We pick a drift with good terrain and roll in. The line you see goes up to a divers float and flag on the surface. It's just to mark where we are. It's actually a hinderance as the current tugs on it. We descend in the water column by letting air out of our vests until we reach the river bottom. Once there, I do not try to achieve neutral buoyancy like most divers, but remain negative. I wear extra lead, in fact, to assure it. then we slowly let the current take us downstream headfirst. I push off the bottom with one hand holding the camera with the other. I go as slow as possible, only swimming to catch up to the guy with the float. I want the fish to come to me, i don't chase them. it is ideal if I can stop by just sinking to the bottom. without silting out the shot. That, of course, doesn't always happen and I wind up drifting right into the fish i am trying to film. The river dictates almost everything. You can only work back upstream against it a couple of meters at best, with a lot of effort. I hope this answers your question.
  24. This is about the best I could do with the condition we've had.
  25. It's affected me some. Places on the Oak and Bert were back flooded from the lake during spring steelhead.. Out on Lake Ontario, every log and limb that was laying along the shoreline is now floating around in the lake making it very tough to avoid them when trolling out there.
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