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  1. Flat rapids camp has a guide that will put you on walleye,good fishing there for sure
  2. Went to cooks bay a couple weeks ago and crushed jumbo's all day!Went through 6 doz minnows by 1:30 and kept 80,1/2 between 10-11" and the rest between 12 n 13 3/4"!
  3. Add a little garlic,little extra stink seems to help
  4. A coworker of mine has a cottage on Balsam.This spring is the 1st time he's ever seen ticks there and quite a few he said too.hate those things
  5. I caught my 1st crappie there almost 30 yrs ago!thats likely what the guys with the buckets are there for
  6. Most seemed to have moved on now,a fellow I was talking to made a good point.They were likely waiting for the ice to displace from Erie,sort of a migration detour you could say
  7. The funny thing is there are hardly any geese at the pond by my house this year and there has been a huge flock hanging out there for years.Do the cormarents chase them away?
  8. More this year than ever,I fish religiously for spring crappie and I've never seen this many
  9. Check Jack lake out in Apsley.Nice area
  10. Any else notice a large increase in their population this year? Last year I'd see a couple here n there at the smaller ponds I fish,this year I've seen dozens,maybe close to a hundred on a relatively small body of water one morning.I'm wondering if they're to blame for the skunk I got this morning going for crappie.The conditions were perfect for a spring bite and my buddy got 1 small one in 2 hrs.That doesn't happen here unless it's a cold north wind or something
  11. It was a great turnout for a great guy!Thank God for such beautiful weather yesterday so we could all enjoy the outdoors,that's how Barry wanted it to be.And WOW on all the fishing pictures!If it swam Barry caught it !R.I..P Barry,thanks for the memories
  12. White perch is very possible,more than likely what it was actually
  13. Oh ok perfect .I work til 3:30 so I'll be there at 4.
  14. This Saturday from 2-5,if you would like to attend Pm me and I'll give you the address .His wife Kim is welcoming all his fishing buddies to attend
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