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  1. Agreed with Snags. Unions will only increase the cost of agriculture without really doing much for the worker in the end. It's one of those 'make hay while the sun shines' type of jobs. Certain times of year you're going to be expected to put a lot of hours, other times of the year you won't get many hours. I know many landscapers who are almost unreachable in the summer because they are getting in as much work as they can, but in the winter they have lots of time for personal projects and doing things with the family. It's not a 9-5 type of job, which is why some people love it and others can't stand it.
  2. This. The entitlement mentality. My experience in the engineering/design/manufacturing side of things is that schools (both high school and higher education) do not teach critical thinking or technical problem solving. Pump the kids full of software knowledge, they don't need actual design knowledge - the computer will figure it out for them. What you end up with is things like Smerch's brick-laying robot. Maybe a good concept, but looking at the video it's pretty obvious that the people who are needed to make concept a reality were not consulted. I look at some of the 'new' and 'exciting' things that companies like Autodesk promote (Titans of CNC? Really? Show is garbage manufacturing) and it makes me sad and upset. Exciting engineering is things like the Hoover Dam, Merlin Engines, Space travel, and the like. Not pushing buttons and letting the computer do the 'thinking'. Bring back the engineering programs that were more like an apprenticeship where they learned about tools and machines and the real world.
  3. Have you been into Grandpa's Cough Medicine again Schnip?
  4. Totally within their rights to keep. What bothers me is that they do such a poor job of handling the fish that even though they released they might as well have kept them. There is more to catch and release than just tossing the fish back in the water. Like this fellow (from a totally unrelated forum) who claimed to have released this 10lb walleye. Never mind the blood pouring from the gills and internal organ damage from hanging a large fish from it's mouth. Probably became crayfish food shortly after this photo, but he practiced 'catch and release'. Rant over. Let's get this back on topic, we could probably beat this dead horse all day if we wanted to.
  5. Sorry to go off topic here, but it bothers me to see a site like this, showing all these record catches being gill raped and labeled as 'catch and release'.
  6. Good on you guys and I wish you success. I wish I was closer so I could attend.
  7. I'm going to recommend you get in touch with Peter Charles from Hooked4Life Fly Fishing School. Peter is based out of Haldimand, has reasonable rates, and is a great instructor. He works around your schedule and location, and offers courses for both learning fly casting and for learning fly fishing, from total beginner casting to advanced spey casting. Whatever you do, get some lessons before investing in equipment. A good instructor will be willing to show you different rods based on what you want to fish for and can make recommendations on equipment based on how you cast. They should have a number of rods and lines you can try out to see what fits. And beware - after you get into fly fishing you will want more than two outfits. You're going to want a 3wt for panfish, 4/5wt for trout, 5/6wt for general bass use, 7/8wt for larger streamers and poppers, 9wt for steelhead, maybe a switch rod, then a spey. Get some awesome vintage fiberglass in there to.
  8. Really? Sorry to hear that. John lived nearby and was nice enough to give me a spool of thread to get me started on rebuilding my first rod. Condolences to his family.
  9. I'm down in Illinois right now for work, got to watch things first hand yesterday. Most people did not like either candidate. Many people either voted Trump or did not vote at all. Only one or two people voted for Hillary, several people who usually voted Democrat switched to Republican because they did not like Hillary. To much dirt came out on Hillary toward the end, people just don't trust her. Very interested to see how this will affect us. Trump has spoken against things such as NAFTA, which could make it hard for manufacture's to access our biggest market. Is he going to fight to get jobs moved from Canada 'back' to the US from companies such as GM, Ford, and Toyota? What's going to happen with US Steel Canada? Trump campaigned on bringing back jobs and booting the economy (which I think is a great thing), will it benefit Canada as well or will it be a protectionist mentality that will hurt us?
  10. Tom S

    Burt Poison

    What a mess. Not only is it unethical to keep that many upper level predators, but I can't even imagine the heath repercussion of eating that many contaminated fish. Might as well live at Love Canal if you're going to eat that much salmon out of Lake Ontario. And I thought the Humber and Bronte were bad.
  11. I tell myself that all the chemicals those people ingest while eating those boots helps to cleanse the gene pool....
  12. I think that it's a sign of success that turkey are being brought back into the regular hunting courses. Ontario has gone from having no turkey before reintroduction in the early 80's to an estimated population of 70,000. I know of at least 3 large flocks within a 20km radius of my house. Sure, the population will go through ups and downs, we've had some harsh winters and the coyote population is on the rise. But with continued management I see no reason to keep it a separate course. If anything I would like to see tighter regulations on deer in my area. To much stupidity going on during shotgun season.
  13. Tom S

    First Wraps

    Finally got me a rod dryer Much nicer than turning by hand.
  14. I have a couple recommendations for things that might help. First, assess how balanced your outfit is. A poorly balanced outfit will put more stress on your casting stroke as you compensate the forces created by the unbalance with your muscles and tendons. Second, talk to a casting instructor who has experience helping people with similar injuries. They may even experience the issue themselves due to the amount of casting they due. I know when I took lessons I talked with my instructor about it (I had been dealing with some knuckle pain at the time, thankfully gone now), he recommended adjusting my grip, I'm sure some adjustments could be made for elbow pain. Third, maybe look into two-handed casting. The motions are different and you can achieve distance without having to muscle the rod.
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