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  1. I've noticed the mass perch schoolings today close to shore and larger bass in shallower non-spawning areas. Is the Great Erie a few weeks behind its average schedule, or is it just our wacky weather in general? Caught three Erie Smallies today, all on jigs, absolutely great looking fish. Released for others to enjoy.
  2. There's also the Victoria Ave fishing preserve (on hwy #24 near Metler Ave, North of Fenwick)), at the same place that sells fireworks. It appears to be two muddy ponds traversed by a foot bridge. Has anyone fished there (or seen people fishing there?)
  3. There were some small perch being caught off the pier (at the very end...river side) that day but I didn't see any bass caught. I caught a few pike, but no bass. Perhaps the thunderstorms that had passed through in the early morning put them off the bite / moved them into deeper water.
  4. Was there a Bass tourney there as usual last Saturday? Did anyone here fish it or know the results? It's a nice place to fish when it's not weed choked.......
  5. Considering he's in a small town makes it MUCH worse.......and he faces losing his charter business customers. Maybe the guy needs to consult a "media" expert and make some sort of public apology. Politicians have had to do this all the time.....but it wouldn't surprise me if he moves or drops out of circulation for a while. I'm imagining that he just took competition too far. It's probably more than just the $500. More like the ego and "bragging rights". I'm sure he'd pay many times the 500 dollars to turn the clock back and not do it in the first place. He really needs to come clean with
  6. They are just about to show this on CHCH channel 11 news out of Hamilton...maybe it will re-air at 11pm
  7. If you check out this google earth map you'll note the part of the Welland River / Chippawa Creek that appears to be cut off by the Welland Canal bypass. The CN rail mainline also cuts it off at the other side , but there is a large culvert that I assume is big enough to let a small boat through. Has anyone ever fished this backwater, and what sort of fish are in there? is there any public access to it or would you have to launch somewhere below the aqueduct and enter under the railroad tracks through the culvert? Assuming this link works, the water body I'm talking about is at the end of So
  8. I'm just wondering with the somewhat cool weather are we a bit behind the usual spring cycle in fishing? Will this for instance mean a later Bass spawn? How does this year compare to others in the past? Thanks!
  9. I gave a Hungarian a carp down in Port Maitland a few years back and in turn he gave me half a case of beer.nice trade since I wuz only going to throw the 15 lb Carp back.
  10. I certainly dont agree with everything you've said, but I remember the old Ontario Fisherman issues suggesting a pre-season catch and release season-----late April I think------for Largemouth. Not a bad idea methinks.
  11. I'm just wondering what you would suggest for Bass and Walleye fishing on Eastern Lake Erie (i.e. Port Colborne) on those super bright days like today? Do the fish tend to go to the deep water and stay there? In my experience fishing the clear water of Lake Erie is always best when it's overcast or at night/ early morning. Any tips? Thanks
  12. The area that I am talking about is about 100 yards north of where the metal retaining wall ends at the north side of the riverside park in Port Maitland (pier side). The "marina" that I'm talking about is really just a marine repair/salvage yard that is on a dead end section of the road just up from the riverside park. This area in front of the houses on the Grand often holds largemouth.
  13. Wow that's an incredible fish. Fish like this are Niagara's best kept secret. BTW, does the local legend Musky Dave still fish the Welland aqueduct? He was the guy that used to fish the big jerkbaits or huge live bait. He got some NICE fish
  14. I've always found that Port Mailtand is best in the early Summer, as the fish seem to go deeper as the summer drags on. Mind you your chance of "incidental" catches of big fish is always possible. Also, Largemouth bass often hang out just up the road off the shore of the Grand, kind of where the red barn/marina is. Large crappie there too throughout the whole summer. There are some submerged pilings there ,etc. that make it best by boat, but you can fish it from shore, just lots of snags.
  15. I've found a few things are pretty consistent there. The best spots seem to be at the rocky point at the very start of the pier, and off the end (which on weekends can be pretty busy). I was down there two Saturdays ago and got a couple of small largemouth and smallmouth bass off the start of the pier (all released), river side. In some cases they were picking up the jigs a few feet from the rocks. I tried spoons, but no Pike. I also tried on the lake side immediately west of the pier, but the water is just to clear and shallow to hold any real fish during the day, as you can see your lure fro
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