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  1. honeyv


    Used to go to Petsmart for them when I would target Crappie. Kept them warm by putting them in my pocket on the inside of my jacket. They work really well.
  2. Recently I invested in a GoPro just because of the waterproof capabilities and the ruggedness of it so that's what I've been trying to use for some of the fishing photos now. They're also pretty good at taking a beating... Kind of excited to be able to mount it on to the kayak in the spring. 1000lbs of wings diesnt doubt to bad at all... haha
  3. Haha yea. I already have two fair sized power banks for being out. One os a mophi and the other I got at Costco. I do use em. My issue is that there are times where I dont bring em and my phone is close to being dead. Sucks when you want to take a quick picture of your catch.
  4. I believe it's $5 or $10 to park and 5 for minnows.
  5. honeyv


    Well I've never ice fished that area before, so I stuck to the area in front of bait shop for my first time. I wanted to get out again tomorrow possibly and try further down... but we'll see how the day goes.
  6. honeyv


    Finally made it out to Dunnville today. Had a few hours to spare. There was a good solid 8" of ice. Marked a couple and had one take my minnow, but the bite was slow for me and I ended the day with a huge 0. Still 1000% better than being at work though. On a side note, the weather was great considering it was about 10 degrees warmer than the last time I got out haha.
  7. Not sure if anybody realized this yet.. but, the 16th falls on Family Day weekend (Feb 16-18) which is the first of the four times of the year that doesn't require a fishing license. So if you're one of those people who waits until Spring to get their fishing license, you can also take advantage of this event and learn to ice fish. Or even bring a family member and introduce them to the sport. Hope this info gets more people out!
  8. That's awesome news I guess what I was leaning towards was where do you tie it on the kayak? I mean I'm sure I can figure something out but since I won't be on the kayak for a while figured it could be something to talk about LOL. I don't have a pedal drive so does it get in the way of paddling at all?
  9. So I just purchased a Frabill Flow-Troll minnow bucket. It was on sale that I couldn't refuse at Bass Pro. Canadian Tire wants $17.99 for them, original price at Bass Pro was $12.99. I ended up getting it on sale for $5.99. That's quite the difference! If anyone needs one go out and buy it before the price goes back up. Now for the question. Does anyone already have one of these and if so would it work well in a kayak? Since my kayak doesn't come with a live well LOL I thought it might come in handy, but I just wanted to hear from others to see how well.
  10. I use a Sweedish Pimple to lure em in... Once I see action on the Vexilar, I send my micro jig down.
  11. Wow. Things are getting speedy.
  12. I'm mostly into it to geek out as well. But I mean, since I'll be there anyway I'm not oppressed to spending a bit on things there...
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