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  1. I second Mike Lynette. He does great work and is prompt. I had a problem with my Optimax and his mechanic fixed the problem on the spot. Was a bad electrical connector inside the motor.
  2. I bought new inflateable life jackets,and we always wear them. They are very comfortable and i hardly know Im wearing it. I make sure everyone in my boat wears one.
  3. must not be too many walleye. So far everything I've read is mainly about bass and pike. I guess walleyes are tough to find there.
  4. I'm heading up to a cottage on Baptiste lake near Bancroft in August. I hear there is mainly bass pike and walleye in there with a few muskies. does anybody have any info or experience fishing this lake or can point me in the direction of some areas to try. Its a fairly large lake and maybe someone who knows it can break it down. I don't expect anyone to divulge any honey holes but just general info on what areas to target and what method (trolling , jigging, casting). Would love to get into some bass and walleye.
  5. Thanks for the Info. Im not sure if I feel comfortable venturing out that far. I only have a 14 ft. boat and don"t have much experience with big water trolling. I may have to try in the River. I hear they get walleye near the train bridge
  6. Where Is Waverly shoal Is it near Crystal Beach
  7. where is this. looks like the welland rec waterway
  8. I'm leaning towards the Raymarine. I like the simplicity and some interesting features like bluetooth to conect your cell phone or tablet that makes for a second screen for someone on the front of the boat. The chirp technology is nice as well. also the screen can be viewed from different angles without having to rotate it.
  9. That's a bit far to drive from Beamsville. Ill try call them or check their website
  10. Hi everybody. I am in the market for a new fish finder for my 14 ft. aluminium boat. I had owned a couple Lawrance units in the past and both of them broke down after 2 seasons. So now I am looking for a new one with a GPS. I`ve been looking at Ray Marine, Hummingbird and Garmin. So far I like the simplicity of the Raymarine and the picture quality. I'm looking for something in the $600 range and am not interested in side scan imaging. I want a 5 inch screen and easy to use. What are your thoughts on what I should be looking for or if you have any experience with any of these units
  11. I've fished the beaches of Sanibel a few times. I like going in June to fish for snook off the beach with a fly rod. I just walk the beach and sight fish for snook feeding on bait near shore. We also catch Spanish mackerel and ladyfish as incidental catches. even the odd tarpon can be caught. no boat or guide needed. Just a good pair of sunglasses and a box of shminnow flies and your good to go.
  12. Lost Lake is a little pricey for us but we may consider it for next year. We are thinking of booking a place called Northern Pines in Gowganda . Its near Duncan Lake where we caught some trophy size pike and walleye. Lots of back lakes to try as well. Price is $560 per week total. Have any of you been there ? If so what was your experience like
  13. Anybody know of any good fishing camps within 10 hours of St.Catharines. We are looking to go the week of the 21st. of September. We are mainly interested in walleye,pike and bass, but wouldn't mind a little brook trout fishing
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