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  1. Well that sucks. Another shore fishing spot taken away. I used to fish in the glen when my knees were in better shape.
  2. I’ve used Lyrette Machine and marine in fort Erie. Mike Lyrette worked at Nichol’s. does great work and is honest
  3. Try Cast Adventures. Paul Castellano is the best guide on the river and knows the river better than anyone I know.
  4. Peter’s Tackle in St.Catharines is a great shop to buy your tackle. They cater to the local anglers and know what tackle works best for the local waters. Canadian tire would be good for boots and other outdoor gear you may want. Good luck this season
  5. I do a fair bit of fly fishing and mostly catch and release. I always pinch the barbs on my hooks which leaves a little bump on the hook. I do lose a few more fish but I can release fish without taking them out of the water.
  6. The type of line you are using depends on what style of fishing you are doing. Bait casting, spinning, trolling etc, and the type of bait you are using all benefit from the right choice of line. For most of my fishing I like to use monofilament or braid for my main line and add a few feet of fluorocarbon leader.
  7. As the population in Niagara is quickly growing, we will see more people using our public areas. More people more pollution. Look at port Dalhousie. Those condos will be filled with wealthy people from the cities. They won’t want people fishing along the piers or near the marinas. If we are not careful we will be losing more shore fishing spots. I agree that the local government needs to hire more people to maintain the parks and waterfront areas. It’s not just fishermen leaving trash behind. Often times it’s picnicers or tourists leaving trash behind. If we want to be able to keep our shore fishing areas then we need to pick up after ourselves and keep those areas clean. Fishermen shouldn’t shoulder the blame for other peoples messes.
  8. Many ramps are opening this weekend. However you are only allowed to have people from the same household on your boat. Bertie boat club had sent out notices to season ramp pass holders that they are open now.
  9. The Jackson’s flat area up to the power glen had some nice brown trout and Smallmouth. Not sure what’s in there now. Ticks are real bad in there now so I haven’t fished it in a few years.
  10. That sounds like a nice setup. Salmon on a Kayak would be fun. A big one would tow you around. There are a couple posts from guys fishing the bar, and it sounds like the fishing is great out there right now. Some coho are being caught near the surface so fly fishing with some streamers on full sink lines or heavy shooting heads might get you into some fish. Cheers
  11. They are stocked in there for people to catch and keep. They are safe to eat. Not as tasty as wild trout because they are raised in a hatchery and fed fish pellets. It’s a great place to take the kids and bring a few fish home for a meal.
  12. I’m not sure if a kayak would be very practical out there. The current is pretty strong in some areas and you could get pushed out into the lake. Are you referring to fly fishing when you mention a full sink line? If so I’m sure you could try it as long as you can get down to say 15 or 20 ft. I know a guide named Paul Castellano who guides flyfishers on the Niagara river and gets them into some nice fish. I’ve gone fly fishing with him on Lake Erie bass and had a great experience. Just google Cast Adventures. Good luck and let us know how you make out
  13. Jigging is productive at the Niagara bar. I’ve caught lots of lakers browns and even some big walleye there. I use 4 and 5 inch white or chartreuse paddle tail swim jigs with half oz heads or drop shot.
  14. Yes that area is ruined now with all the condos going in. They are expensive luxury condos that most of us probably can’t afford. With all the new people moving into the condos there will be little room for visitors to enjoy the beach and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ban fishing from the piers. The new development at Prudhomes in Vineland will limit the shoreline access too. With all the urbanization of the small towns and farmland there will be few places to for shore fishing.
  15. I second Mike Lynette. He does great work and is prompt. I had a problem with my Optimax and his mechanic fixed the problem on the spot. Was a bad electrical connector inside the motor.
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