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  1. Don’t sweat it. Its no big deal. When i got mine the nurses who administer it in St.Catharines did a fantastic job reducing the stress of getting it. No side effect for me anyway. Big shoutout to the niagara region team. Very organized and well run system.
  2. Just found this online. https://www.grimsby.ca/en/town-hall/resources/Documents/C01_20-62_Prohibit-the-Discharge-of-Firearms-and-Bows.pdf
  3. @corey I'm just wondering where you got this information? Is it online anywhere?
  4. Meat in the freezer! Congratulations Daniel.
  5. Congratulations gunner. Thats a nice bird.
  6. Hi Davec. Yeah the unfortunate truth is that a well "bullet" hit deer could drop in its tracks, but most likely will run, possibly a few hundred yrds. As a hunter you typically wait some time before trying to pickup a blood trail and try your best to track it. most times you find the animal within 10-50 yrds, but othertimes its just not possible to locate it. Sad truth. The one you found may one of those few that didn't leave a recoverable blood trail. I once tracked a well bow hit deer over half a mile in the middle of a snow storm. It crossed two bean fields and one road before we found
  7. Thanks fishingking. I hope you harvest your target buck. Thanks gunner. I think i'll do a skull cap mount this year rather than the full form mount you did for me last year. The wife would likely have something to say if i got another one done :-) i understand these are somewhat simple to do??
  8. Well it finally all came together tonight and i managed to fill my tag. with the season feeling like it was getting late i was ready to shoot any buck that came along. I had no hesitation about taking a 10yd shot at this 10 pointer. Good luck everyone and stay safe.
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys. The rack is going on the wall next to his dads mounts (thanks to gunner) best of luck to your son smerchly. ya teedee, i think he's hooked.
  10. His first year bow hunting and he connected last last night with a nice basket racked 9 pointer.
  11. Thanks for the info guys. I've done them myself in the past but I don't have the time or the facilities to keep them cool enough long enough anymore to get the job done right. i've used a butcher in st.catharines in the past but I guess he's no longer cutting deer. Lots of options now though. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info fishingking. I'll give him a call.
  13. Does anyone know of a butcher near st.Catharines that cuts deer? I see a previous post for Greg Bodner in port colbourne, (which appears to be a good option) but i just wondered if there was someone closer to me. Thanks.
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