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  1. Thanks gunner. Yeah, i used oxcalic acid rather than citric acid. It does a really good job and is easy to control ph. it also works good for skull caps.
  2. Rather than simply fleshing and drying them and sending them to auction, I prepared them for long term use as wall hangers or gloves. The Raw hide is pickled then tanned in solution removing all the fat and saddle flesh. They will now last indefinitely.
  3. Looks like its been a little slow with the posts here after deer season ended. For something a little different, here are a couple pelts i tanned up at home that some may find interesting. Both turned out not bad - not excellent mind you - but not bad. one 2xl muskrat and a female mink. Since they aren’t worth much at auction this year i thought it would be good to change things up a bit.
  4. Wow, you really waited until the last minute! Congratulations. nice buck.
  5. Congratulations on your first one! Thats a nice looking deer.
  6. Congratulations surf and turf and great story. the terrain they have there is great for hunting with lots of hills and valleys but its sure a pain when having to drag a deer out!
  7. Prior to mulching my leaves i used to collect and put out 80-90 bags a year. Now im down to about 30
  8. Thanks Tyler. I target raccoons and coyotes. Turkey egg stealers and fawn killers😎
  9. Took this young fella following a doe today at less than 20 yrds with my bow. You gotta love this time of year! now on to trapping season.
  10. My wife and i just got back from 2 weeks in myrtle beach. we had to get tested to return. My wife did alot of research and found out that a free NAA test offered at walgreens was enough to get back in. we took the test, gave our address of the local hotel and they emailed the results within 3 hours and we were good to go. i don’t know if a similar test is available in ny.
  11. Nice buck! Didn’t you shoot a monster last year as well?
  12. Thats a nice stack of birds. Congratulations. Do you make up goose jerky???
  13. You’ve proven you have spark and you have compression, so the likley cause is fuel. I would guess the carbs are clogged or the fuel pump is not delivering fuel to the bowls. now, with a 3 cylinder engine you likely have 3 carbs so its unlikley they are all clogged at the same time. sending fuel directly through the carb and confirming a quick run confirms that its a fuel issue.
  14. Does it run with a little fuel directly in the carb? if so, points to your jets are plugged and a carb rebuild likely required.
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