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  1. Nobody ever fished that area
  2. Going to grand bend for the the long weekend can anyone suggest a good area to fish I got a 26 foot boat would like to fish for eyes or whatever is out in that area if anyone can guide me in the right direction thanks in advance
  3. Can't you move it to the Monday looks like gonna be a great day
  4. Looking at the weather report will this still take place or is there a blow over day?
  5. Does anyone know how I can sign up?
  6. Fight salmon Eating walleye
  7. I'm going out tomorrow morning out of bronte looking for someone with a salmon derby ticket who wants to join me I have all the gear fishing from a 23 foot sea ray, in return just pitch in for fuel Thanks Marco u c reach me at 905 580-5864
  8. has anyone ever iced fished bronte in the past?
  9. Hi all was just wondering where everyone was planning on doing some hardwater fishing with this winter?
  10. ya this weather really sucks would like to get out before ice over
  11. got out ther on sunday and no luck
  12. no perch reports really???
  13. any reports on perch out of pc or point A was thinking of going out there this weekend any help would be great thanks in advance
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