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  1. Spooks, cisco kid and trolling buzzbait. Those are my topwater pike baits
  2. we go in all the time with 14' with 20hp.. we just dont use it and use the bow motor lol. leave it the way it is
  3. My biggest is this pike And while on the topic this is my son's biggest a 30" walleye..I believe he was only 3 at the time but hes no stranger to big fish
  4. I'd say mine was good, got out a lot with the kiddos. Sad to see it end but excited for 2017. check out my instagram @canadian_bassin
  5. I had a cat jump out from my boat on sunday was so pissed
  6. No worries the 400te is more suited big baits, swim baits and we aren't on the California delta lol so I assumed bass fishing wasn't your cup of tea.. tight lines
  7. a $200 ebay turbo.... not many hours there lmao spinning sucks? so how do you dropshot? with your 400te lmao anywho whats im saying is not everyone has that kind of budget but just to prove a point id put my bass pro qualifier with boca bearings almost as good as my 16stile.. in fact the qualifier is usually the one I choose to bring out over the stile.....
  8. Just gonna throw this out there Canadian Tire carries like 24 plus shimano models and only like 15 abu's, half of those are spincast lol..... plus customizing a reel for $150 compared to a $500 shimano...
  9. yea its weird what can happen but from what i've learned with chrysler trucks even jeeps is that if one ball joint is a little worn but still good it can throw the whole front end off and cause death shaking, and its a scary thing when it happens. i guess you can purchase an after market stabilizer that prevents this from happening. But like I said I'll try and drive her for another year hoping (knock on wood) and save for something.
  10. No I've never done them it has the small v8 in her. I've had the truck for about 6 years. 2003 paid $4000, truck don't owe me nothing thats for sure hmmm I did rebuild the differential back in the spring time, but it didn't do it than, maybe I should check the u joints out
  11. Thanks everyone for their input. So I made some calls turns out new rad from napa is only $175, so I'll just watch some youtube vids and do the work myself and save. The other reason I was thinking bout the acura was because my ram also has the dodge death shake. Changed a balljoint n bearing a little while back and since doing so the thing shakes like a bat out of hell doing anything at and over 100km/h. I'd have to change the whole front end to fix, so I guess I'll just continue to avoid highways lol. I go to the lawyers this week to sign my agreement and once the ex signs it I can finally start getting the money owed to me which will make it a little easier to breathe and I can save for new truck. So stressed need to go fishing
  12. Hey guys I have a little problem. My 03 ram 1500 blew a hole in the rad last night and it's one of those situations where I don't really want to continue dumping money into it at the moment. (Single dad 2 kids, no support yet, lawyer fees bla bla) But someone I know has gifted me a 01 acura. Now the car has a trannys leak. My question is would it pass a safety with that? It's a free car in better shape and more reliable than the ram that would get me through a year hoping.
  13. Most companies have whats called "auto renew" contracts such as mine (dejardins). When the renewal comes I don't sign anything it just automatically renews unless you call prior and advise cancellation. I don't mind as I only pay $80monthly for full coverage :). It also helps to mail letter and call to confirmed received, this was the case with our dumpster rental at work.
  14. You'd be surprised as to whats hidden in niagara, I have yet to take the boat out this season just due to the finding of new to me locations that produce.
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